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Limelight (musings of a mini star)

Limelight  (musings of a mini star)

I am scared of the limelight… Am I ready for this I ask me for the umpteenth time

As I stand on the corridors back stage, my muscles are tense, I hold back…
Would I be a chameleon when the limelight hits me… Or would I be the LIGHT I am and consume every ray of the limelight? 
Because the former is a result possible when the sense of purpose is gone, and the later is who I am or what is expected of me. 

…I have to shine my light as received for the Bright STAR…I must remain in Him…

Jesus said “No one puts on a light and hides it under a basket”. (Matthew 5:14-15)


Turn  to you neighbor and say neighbor should be taken seriously o…
So I was at Transformation Conference hosted by Royal Diadem International Network yesterday in Abeokuta and was privileged to sit beside a beautiful young woman…
At some point in the meeting, she wanted to take a selfie and guess what I did! Well, I photobombed… And she didn’t mind one bit that a complete stranger with a charming smile (winks) just photobomed That was not all, she is a daughter of Zion. Why I took such an impulsive step I don’t know o.
At several points during the meeting, we were asked to face our neighbour and say graceful words, pray for one another, dance together, congratulated one another and much more…
And boy, we did just that… We stuck  together…
She is perhaps my best “Neighbour” so far… And her name is Tolani she hosts a platform called Marriage Matters With Tolani and you can follow on Instagram @MarriageMatas
I’d share some of our pics at least to feed your eyes na (hahaha)
Here are my lessons learnt:

1. I almost didn’t attend the conference because I suddenly developed cold feet… But thank God he made a way!
2. Take instructions like “turn to your neighbor and say neighbor” seriously… Some have met their spouses, business partners, etc seriously… Me, I met an amazing lady and sister!
3. Maybe its good to be spontaneous… I was glad I photobombed… Not I’d ever dream of doing but then again…
4. A smile never ever hurt or cost much!
Photo credit: Tolani my gracious neighbor
PS: Be kind enough to share experiences!