Omolabake Episode 2

Yippe! It’s another Tuesday, time to read your favourite eSeries #Omolabake… Thanks for the likes and shares. If you have not read Episode 1, you can by clicking this link https://goo.gl/g9vWcn Episode 2 “What’s your view about romantic affairs in the workplace?” The interviewer asked him “It’s wrong to allow personal affairs affect one’s efficiency at work. But after work, …

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Words To Live By


With all the raucous about the #NigerianJollof  you’d think that’s the  only delicacy served in my beloved country. Don’t be decieved, it isn’t… In fact, how we made it to #day #nineteen of  #wordstoliveby without mentioning #Food is beyond me.  Now that hunger pangs have arrived, let’s talk about Food. Because Where do we derive Energy?  What aids body growth?  …

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