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    Not Missing the Time of Your Visitation (Part 2)

    During those days while I was learning faith for supplies was also the period when my wife-to-be was being wooed by another brother.Now, as at then, I hadn’t proposed but had arrived at this assurance that she was the one for me. We were friends, all was fine until the brother showed up. Now, the brother seemed to have all things going far better for him than I could boast of. First, he was pursuing his doctorate, worked at one of the best universities in Nigeria, was well-to-do, was a leader of great standing in the Christian community he fellowshipped at, and to crown it, he was from the same…

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    Remembered By God

    Remembered by God. #SeasonOfFulfilment My rising in life is simply because God remembered me as He had said. Yet after all I have gone through, I understood that life unfolds in seasons as everything under the earth has its own time and timing. There is a time to be born, This was the time i was named Joseph. There is a time to Love and be misunderstood by siblings and other humans. This is a time to learn Human Management 001 There is a time to dream. This is a time to Journal relevant destiny informations. There is a time to Move. This was the time I was sold. There…