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    Omolabake Episode 13

    Episode 13 Morinsola had texted her Pastor’s wife that she needed to meet with her before their usual Thursday fellowship at Maggies. So she had replied that they could meet on Tuesday at her office. They sat in her teal green oval office. “Tell me everything, Sister Morin?” She had recounted the events of Sunday to the woman. “After my secondary school education. I enrolled at a coaching center in preparation of my JAMB exams.” She stood up from the chair. “I was sixteen and a beauty. My mother always said I was a carbon copy of her mother who was an Igbo woman.” “I was the envy of all…

  • Words To Live By


    Grace Closer than the very air we breath in… For you are more abundant than the very oxygen that appears to all men. Those who took her in, in full breath are welcomed with zest into Life eternal. They know this, they feel this… They are ordered daily in godliness, uprightness and self controlled living.  What are you waiting for?  Why are you yet to take in this gust of freshness? For grace hands one a new slate… Come then all you who are weak, weary, burdened and tired of the struggles, trying to be accepted for there is a rest for you. The Lord Jesus promises you this today!…

  • Words To Live By


    When a Brother of mine sent this picture, he asked what I’d caption it. It wasn’t till the next day thoughts and feelings of Peace flooded my heart. The picture instantly came to mind.  It started with the picture giving a kind of representation of  “Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers: the snare is broken, and we are escaped.” (Psalm 124:7) in my heart. You know that phrase, “That was close” It can almost explain a dimension of peace…. Like “that was close but not close enough to harm me.” Peace, is not a state of inaction (not doing anything)… But a…

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    With all the raucous about the #NigerianJollof  you’d think that’s the  only delicacy served in my beloved country. Don’t be decieved, it isn’t… In fact, how we made it to #day #nineteen of  #wordstoliveby without mentioning #Food is beyond me.  Now that hunger pangs have arrived, let’s talk about Food. Because Where do we derive Energy?  What aids body growth?  (Some awkward ones too) What do some so called Foodie use to torment us? What do people turn to when sad? What do they do when glad? The Answer is Food. Eat well and Eat right… I know the lemme just take some sugar feeling (but I tell you count…

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    Live with a deep sense of appreciation (English complicated matters when I checked for definition of Appreciation). But let’s leave it at this, to be grateful, thankful… To recognize the importance, worth merit of an entity. Yeah, in this parts… It’s so fascinating for some to seem Independent and all that… But truth is we all need God and each other.  So yes, express gratitude. And this is me saying thank you to all who have joined me on this journey reading, liking, retweeting, favouriting and commenting on #WordsToLiveBy. You all awesome, really! Peace. #Gratitude #Day #Eighteen #WordsToLiveBy #SeptemberOfWorth

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    “So Tomi, have you discovered your purpose?” Yet another (well meaning) person would ask this question.  I’d cringe internally without any answers, no perfect one liner, no complicated speech on how I’ve been sent to save the world.  This was about five years ago. So, one day I got frustrated and typed a search query on Google “How do I discover my purpose?” (Not sure if these were my exact words).  Trust na, I got  answers. Most surprising/shocking for me was an Article… Okay so this writer says (I paraphrased) “To discover your purpose is not hard at all… Get a piece of paper. When you think of  the reason…

  • Words To Live By


    Hope. Like the first rays of sunlight, the smile of a little baby, the aroma of a delicious mean, the scent of water, the first stirrings as you wake, so is Hope… Hope gives reason to believe , to press on, to hold on, to move on, to look on… May you never lose hope… May your hope never be cut short… May hope rise in you… As you journey on in life in Jesus name.  Amen. #wordstoliveby #hope #day #ten #WordsToLiveBy #SeptemberOfWorth #2017 

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    September of Worth

    Hi there!  As we welcome September, I would be sharing daily on #wordstoliveby. I am super excited about this… Because you will be blessed as we reflect on the words that really matter and also, I challenging myself by writing spontaneously using prose, poetry  and whatever comes up. Do tell in the comment box below, your favourite word to live by and I will choose the first five to write on.  I’m glad we made it! May the blessings of this month not elude us in Jesus name, amen. Thank you, Modesola.