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    As you already know that every breath counts…  I’m sharing the lyrics of a favorite song of mine… Please meditate and you can download. Taste of Eternity by Bellarive Father we come so aware Of all that You’ve done Of all that You are Nothing above No, none compare So Father, we come here The taste of eternity Is here on our lips With every breath we sing With every breath we sing of Your majesty It’s here in our midst With every breath we sing All else will fade As You draw near All that we want Is all that You are Nothing above No, none compare So Father,…

  • Words To Live By


    “So Tomi, have you discovered your purpose?” Yet another (well meaning) person would ask this question.  I’d cringe internally without any answers, no perfect one liner, no complicated speech on how I’ve been sent to save the world.  This was about five years ago. So, one day I got frustrated and typed a search query on Google “How do I discover my purpose?” (Not sure if these were my exact words).  Trust na, I got  answers. Most surprising/shocking for me was an Article… Okay so this writer says (I paraphrased) “To discover your purpose is not hard at all… Get a piece of paper. When you think of  the reason…

  • Words To Live By


    Age gracefully, age colourfully… And as wine, become finer as the years pass. You’d learn that there are one plus more ways to kill a mockingbird. And you’d learn that though one starts out in  life  as a complete amateur, it is possible to get a hand of life’s principles and become skillful at them. To what end then is this? But to live a fulfilled life… Fulfilment however can only be defined with respect to the reason the entity/idea was initiated. Thanks for reading #day #fourteen #age #Wordstoliveby #septemberofworth

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    Limelight (musings of a mini star)

    Limelight  (musings of a mini star) I am scared of the limelight… Am I ready for this I ask me for the umpteenth time As I stand on the corridors back stage, my muscles are tense, I hold back… Would I be a chameleon when the limelight hits me… Or would I be the LIGHT I am and consume every ray of the limelight?  Because the former is a result possible when the sense of purpose is gone, and the later is who I am or what is expected of me.  …I have to shine my light as received for the Bright STAR…I must remain in Him… Jesus said “No…