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    Omolabake Episode 13

    Episode 13 Morinsola had texted her Pastor’s wife that she needed to meet with her before their usual Thursday fellowship at Maggies. So she had replied that they could meet on Tuesday at her office. They sat in her teal green oval office. “Tell me everything, Sister Morin?” She had recounted the events of Sunday to the woman. “After my secondary school education. I enrolled at a coaching center in preparation of my JAMB exams.” She stood up from the chair. “I was sixteen and a beauty. My mother always said I was a carbon copy of her mother who was an Igbo woman.” “I was the envy of all…

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    Omolabake Episode 12

    Episode 12 Morinsola sat by Lekan on the large cane chair in the veranda. She wiped off the fading red paint on her toe nails with nail vanish “She decided to drive herself. Ever since Gideon left, she wouldn’t let anyone drive her. And trust me, not even her father can convince her otherwise.” “I see” Lekan continued his candy crush game. He echoed the sound as his swiped his striped candy “Tasty, the boy must be special” “Special? He certainly is! She was human while he was around. Now, she hardly even notices people in the office.” She brought out two shades of blue paint from her paint bag.…

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    Omolabake 10 & 11

    Welcome to our new space! We hope you enjoyed your flight? Greetings to all first timers! I think we should celebrate this new Site together! Hence the gift of an extra chapter. Kindly share this post and also, you can subscribe for newsletters for updates and more. Cheers to us! With Love, Lutomi Modesola.   Episode 10 “So are we friends?” Gideon asked as they walked towards the sitting area “I know you certainly aren’t my enemy” She answered Gideon pulled out a chair for Omolabake to sit on at an empty table. “Tell me, what are your plans?” She looked at him “I applied to Seoron do brand management…

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    Omolabake Episode 9

    Episode 9 “Thank you” Morinsola smiled at the guard who pulled the eatery`s door for her. She scanned the room and sighted the booth where Omolabake sat. Their eyes met. Labake smiled. Morinsola made her way over to the booth. A woman with a bag stopped her in her tracks. “Hello Madam” She looked up to see her Pastor`s wife. “Oh, Good afternoon ma.” After exchanging pleasantries, the woman left with her food packs. “Old friend?” Omolabake asked as Morinsola took her seat, taking a sip of her smoothie “Actually. She is my Pastor`s wife.” “Oh nice” Omolabake wasn’t much of a church person. “So how are you?” She abruptly…

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    Omolabake Episode 7

    Seven they say is the perfect number! I have a good news to share, actually several… But we will take one today! Before I share, We now have a page on Facebook you can follow to get updates, gist, behind the scene thoughts and all… Here is the link https://www.facebook.com/Lutomi-Modesola-155383391777303/ And to the good news, Omolabake will now come twice a week! So here you go for all who asked! Tuesdays and yep, Fridays… Now to today’s episode… Episode 7 A reality television show was on, but Omolabake was not watching. Demola was. They sat on a sofa in his sitting room. With he had his gaze on the Tv,…

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    Omolabake Episode 1

    Congratulations Gideon, you have been selected to take Part in the next phase of the screening. You are Invited to an interview on Friday 12th March at 11am. Note that you are expected come along with two passport photographs not older than three months. “This could be it!” Gideon Onah said under his breath as he read the mail he had received from Soeron International for the umpteenth time. Somehow those four words had become some kind of mantra since the mail arrived on the fourth of March. Coincidentally, his twenty seventh birthday. The giant clock in the reception struck 11 am. He waited patiently for his name to be…

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    In Retrospect: January and Beyond

    Hi there! Somehow, we have counted the first 30 days of the year 2018. Amazing, isn’t it? yet some would say that this time last year we were in March. Lol, funny right… In a moment, we’d be into the month of February, the month of Love (can I get an amen). More than the days we count friends, we must look and ask ourselves if we are making each day count. If we are making the most of the days i.e. our time! Well, from my end January was an amazingly long one, several ups and mostly been pushed out of my comfort zone. I had my Final Year…

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    But here is why he says so, “Dwell in me, and I in you. As it is impossible for branches to bear any fruit while disconnected from trees, so it is impossible for you to experience fruitfulness i.e to have any fruit except you are connected to me… Except my life flows to you. Except you fed from me for I am the source.” John 15:4(paraphrased). Selah. #wordstoliveby

  • Words To Live By


    What our feet would do without shoes is sort of unknown to man! Most interestingly, there is a type of footwear available for any scenario… Loafers, heels, dollies, sandals, sneakers, slippers etc. Shoes are so important, I don’t know what to say… May our feet be kept away from danger and be planted in the right direction in Jesus name. Amen. #wordstoliveby

  • Words To Live By


    When a Brother of mine sent this picture, he asked what I’d caption it. It wasn’t till the next day thoughts and feelings of Peace flooded my heart. The picture instantly came to mind.  It started with the picture giving a kind of representation of  “Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers: the snare is broken, and we are escaped.” (Psalm 124:7) in my heart. You know that phrase, “That was close” It can almost explain a dimension of peace…. Like “that was close but not close enough to harm me.” Peace, is not a state of inaction (not doing anything)… But a…