Journaling, Words To Live By


“My future is so bright I need sunshades!”  This and many more self motivating and positively gingering posts fill the tweetmosphere and Facebook.  A quick question, how much of these do the writers have in their personal book(s)? Note that this particularly word (i.e. Journalling) is in continuous tense. And this is because life is progressive and requires that we …

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Words To Live By


With all the raucous about the #NigerianJollof  you’d think that’s the  only delicacy served in my beloved country. Don’t be decieved, it isn’t… In fact, how we made it to #day #nineteen of  #wordstoliveby without mentioning #Food is beyond me.  Now that hunger pangs have arrived, let’s talk about Food. Because Where do we derive Energy?  What aids body growth?  …

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