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    Omolabake Episode 12

    Episode 12 Morinsola sat by Lekan on the large cane chair in the veranda. She wiped off the fading red paint on her toe nails with nail vanish “She decided to drive herself. Ever since Gideon left, she wouldn’t let anyone drive her. And trust me, not even her father can convince her otherwise.” “I see” Lekan continued his candy crush game. He echoed the sound as his swiped his striped candy “Tasty, the boy must be special” “Special? He certainly is! She was human while he was around. Now, she hardly even notices people in the office.” She brought out two shades of blue paint from her paint bag.…

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    Omolabake Episode 7

    Seven they say is the perfect number! I have a good news to share, actually several… But we will take one today! Before I share, We now have a page on Facebook you can follow to get updates, gist, behind the scene thoughts and all… Here is the link https://www.facebook.com/Lutomi-Modesola-155383391777303/ And to the good news, Omolabake will now come twice a week! So here you go for all who asked! Tuesdays and yep, Fridays… Now to today’s episode… Episode 7 A reality television show was on, but Omolabake was not watching. Demola was. They sat on a sofa in his sitting room. With he had his gaze on the Tv,…

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    Omolabake Episode 5

    Episode 5 Resignation letter in his left hand, Gideon stood in front of the HR’s office. Her secretary had affirmed her presence. He touched the door with his right fist; to knock. For the past four minutes, he couldn’t bring himself to knock. Why? It didn’t seem the right thing to do. He had the nagging feeling he got when he was about to do something wrong. He is hand dropped to his side. He lifted his hand to knock the HR’s office door once more. Deep within him, he knew he was about to make a wrong move. “Good morning Gideon” Morinsola opened the door from inside. He took…

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    In Retrospect: January and Beyond

    Hi there! Somehow, we have counted the first 30 days of the year 2018. Amazing, isn’t it? yet some would say that this time last year we were in March. Lol, funny right… In a moment, we’d be into the month of February, the month of Love (can I get an amen). More than the days we count friends, we must look and ask ourselves if we are making each day count. If we are making the most of the days i.e. our time! Well, from my end January was an amazingly long one, several ups and mostly been pushed out of my comfort zone. I had my Final Year…

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    Words To Live By eBook (download here)

    This past September, I embarked on a journey to do a Thirty day series sharing on various words necessary to live intentionally. At the end of it, I promised to give you a compiled edition in an eBook. So you can go through it at you pace and share with loved ones. So here is it, each Words are written for you. They are sincere, some are funny and very life applicable. Thank you for following! Download here. Get your Words To Live By eBook here

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    Scent of Water

    This picture of #ScentOfWater came out beautiful. The letters, perfect by my own parameters. Everything in place.  Life is like this at times…  Beautiful, vibrant and without any form of unforseen contingencies… As when all forces are working together towards the achievement of one’s purpose.  Everything moves flawlessly just as intended.  Till… …Till Everything suddenly came to a halt.  Like this crushed paper, it felt as though life was crushed out of you.  Your hopes were dashed… Your expectations were met with  disappointment. You decided to forfeit the dreams… “They are just dreams anyway!” You said countless times to console yourself. Perhaps, you felt used and left for the trash.…