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    Mothers know it all, Happy Mother’s Day

    One time as toddler I had skin rashes, more like a break out. It was probably a reaction to something. Scared I ran to mummy, ‘Mummy see my skin’ After examining it, she said go have your bath with Tetmosol. I did. Amazed, I walked up to her days later… ‘Mummy, the rashes are gone.’ She smiled. ‘How did you know what I should use ?’ I asked. She said, ‘It is my job to know’ Mothers know a whole lot… The office of motherhood demands it. To all Mothers out there, for all you know, do for us and share with us. Thank you! Happy Mother’s Day

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    How to Keep a Journal (complete step by step guide)

    I got a message yesterday from a dear friend; he has been following the series and just got himself a beautiful journal.     Just in case you are wondering, what is in a journaler’s tool kit? A notebook Any book will do. To spice it up however, you can get a fancy looking book (preferably a hard cover notebook) dedicated to this cause (Journaling). Fancy colours and designs especially are attractive; they tend to draw you close to the book (Lol, I guess that is just me.) You’d agree with me that a pen will be nice Small pieces of paper or sticky note (Optional but as time goes…

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    Meet 5 Common Myths of Journaling

    What has held you back from journaling? In this blog post, I’m sharing 5 common myths and the real thing about journaling. Let’s jump right in, #MYTH 1 JOURNALING IS A GIRLY THING One of the myths of your journaling is that it is something girls do and has to take a dear diary format. Journaling is for everyone; anyone can keep journal. And it doesn’t have to start with “Dear diary” format. Personally, I begin entries with dates and heading, thereby making it easy for me to locate entries. #MYTH 2 ONLY JOBLESS PEOPLE JOURNAL Another myth is that it is for jobless people. This is so untrue; there…

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    My Greatest Discovery About Journaling

    For several years, I have practised the habit of journaling. It took a while then I made discovery; profound, to say the least. Only to confirm later from external sources that it was not just me, as some really cool people share the mutual experiences with me… Perhaps, it explains why I am a one who journals and advocates journaling as a productivity tool. MY DISCOVERY From time to time, I’d go back and read portions of my journals. Different reasons actually prompt this task such as boredom, a bout of writer’s block, need a little bit of motivation, ginger, or simply looking for information I must have put in…

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    Diligent Hands Rule

    During the sendforth program for our Batch B brethren at one of our Bible Study centres, the brethren shared their Adamawa experiences. How God used the journey to mould them and bring out virtues in them. A brother made a striking statement, he said “I arrived the land with a meager amount of #1,500… But learnt very quickly that God doesn’t bless empty hands.” No wonder bible says, “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.” Prov. 10:4 Shalom!     So folks, I’m working on a project. People desire to live a successful life but most times, it seems something is holding them back. What that something…

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    Terrific Life Principle to Live By

    At the family house last night, devotion was a blessing. I’d share some of the wisdom I gleaned. WWJD: What Would Jesus Do? A commonly asked question when in search of direction, insight or clarity over matters. In fact, a multitude of believers grew up using this question as a model to find answers. The minister explained that to receive insight into what Jesus would do, we have to first understand What Jesus Did while here on earth. This statement, made a resounding sense to me. Because the topic for the week is As He Walked. He being Jesus, our perfect example from the Father. As we focus on Him,…

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    The Right Way to Locate your Green Pastures

    Today, I will share a secret with you. Everyone is in search of green or even greener pastures. And that’s fine. I mean who wouldn’t want to leave a pit of miry clay for his feet to be planted on the solid rock. It is a good aspiration! A great pursuit and if you find it (i.e. your green pasture), then a blessed accomplishment. Yet, as humans, we stumble on a lot of things because of our limited knowledge. We make mistakes because we assume we know exactly what we are looking for. Most commonly, we think Green pasture is first about the characteristics of a geographical location. Of course,…

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    My Personal Struggle With Inertia

    When it comes to writing, I struggle at times. My struggles come mainly from the task of writing itself and seldom what to write. Even when I know what to write, I almost do not feel like writing; I mean putting the pen to paper or fingers to the keypad. I’d scribble my thoughts down on some occasions and discard it for lack of delivery of my exact thoughts and intents. Writing can be a chore! There are times I almost do not feel like writing, yet I must! It has been a while I posted here, basically for the above stated reason… I ask for your attention as you…

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    10 NYSC Camp Essentials

    Hi there! If you are reading this post, I believe you are a prospective corp member or have a corp member you’d love to enjoy his camp experience. Congratulations on this great call to Serve Nigeria. Going to camp comes with mixed emotions regarding posting, what to take along and the likes. 

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    Omolabake (Epilogue)

    Epilogue Omolabake: A Tale of Two Fathers! 2 Years Later “Congratulations once again, Gideon. I am happy for you” Morinsola said. “I’m so honoured that you could be a part of our day” Gideon replied as he and Omolabake escorted Morinsola and Lekan out of the event’s center towards the car park area. “Even I couldn’t have convinced her to be absent” Lekan, Morinsola’s husband put in. They arrived at Lekan’s Toyota Venza. she embraced Gideon, her belly brushed against his suit “Congratulations are also in order on your side too” Her well rounded tummy did not hide the fact that she was few weeks away from the delivery room.…