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    Intentional living

    Cultivating a Heart of Gratitude

    What has cultivating a heart of gratitude got to do with nursery rhymes? You are about to find out (Smiles). It’s funny how that I didn’t like cartoons growing up but now, as a mum, I can sing several rhymes from Cocomelon. One of such is  “I’m thankful for my teachers, I’m thankful for my friend I’m thankful for the things I’ve got, the thank yous never end What are you thankful for What are you thankful for, what are you thankful for?” There is a way it stops me in my tracks and makes me think. If you ask me, I’d say that the rhyme is not for only…

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    Omolabake Episode 8

    I am so sorry esteemed readers, I have been out of power on all my devices for the last 18hrs+. Thank you for bearing with me! Episode 8 As Gideon stepped into the Drivers’ Lounge, Stanley raised his head as the door opened “Look who we have here.” Stanley took water from the dispenser. The room was well lit and had the necessities. Two men sat opposite each other, playing a board game. The older of the two being the driver of Otunba Ibikunle-Pearse was fondly called Baba Lucas by all and Jude, a younger man were at a standstill in their chess game. “How is Omolabake doing?” Baba Lucas…

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    Named After My Name

    Named After My Name (Be a painter).  Its been yet a time of blessing at the ongoing JTL enlightenment program organised to correct the wrong views of many Christians towards the goodness of God.  Speaking at the event, the JTLCrew lead said, “How you judge an act goes a long way to tell how you will appreciate it. Many have been immensely blessed by the kinds act of God, but have never judged God faithful but rather they have judged those acts as mere happenings of life. Hear these two events.” *Unpainted:* Mummy O! See confusion today. One of my customers Mr Benjamin called me at 6am to come fix…

  • Words To Live By


    Live with a deep sense of appreciation (English complicated matters when I checked for definition of Appreciation). But let’s leave it at this, to be grateful, thankful… To recognize the importance, worth merit of an entity. Yeah, in this parts… It’s so fascinating for some to seem Independent and all that… But truth is we all need God and each other.  So yes, express gratitude. And this is me saying thank you to all who have joined me on this journey reading, liking, retweeting, favouriting and commenting on #WordsToLiveBy. You all awesome, really! Peace. #Gratitude #Day #Eighteen #WordsToLiveBy #SeptemberOfWorth