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    Mothers know it all, Happy Mother’s Day

    One time as toddler I had skin rashes, more like a break out. It was probably a reaction to something. Scared I ran to mummy, ‘Mummy see my skin’ After examining it, she said go have your bath with Tetmosol. I did. Amazed, I walked up to her days later… ‘Mummy, the rashes are gone.’ She smiled. ‘How did you know what I should use ?’ I asked. She said, ‘It is my job to know’ Mothers know a whole lot… The office of motherhood demands it. To all Mothers out there, for all you know, do for us and share with us. Thank you! Happy Mother’s Day

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    Omolabake Episode 13

    Episode 13 Morinsola had texted her Pastor’s wife that she needed to meet with her before their usual Thursday fellowship at Maggies. So she had replied that they could meet on Tuesday at her office. They sat in her teal green oval office. “Tell me everything, Sister Morin?” She had recounted the events of Sunday to the woman. “After my secondary school education. I enrolled at a coaching center in preparation of my JAMB exams.” She stood up from the chair. “I was sixteen and a beauty. My mother always said I was a carbon copy of her mother who was an Igbo woman.” “I was the envy of all…

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    Omolabake 10 & 11

    Welcome to our new space! We hope you enjoyed your flight? Greetings to all first timers! I think we should celebrate this new Site together! Hence the gift of an extra chapter. Kindly share this post and also, you can subscribe for newsletters for updates and more. Cheers to us! With Love, Lutomi Modesola.   Episode 10 “So are we friends?” Gideon asked as they walked towards the sitting area “I know you certainly aren’t my enemy” She answered Gideon pulled out a chair for Omolabake to sit on at an empty table. “Tell me, what are your plans?” She looked at him “I applied to Seoron do brand management…

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    Omolabake Episode 9

    Episode 9 “Thank you” Morinsola smiled at the guard who pulled the eatery`s door for her. She scanned the room and sighted the booth where Omolabake sat. Their eyes met. Labake smiled. Morinsola made her way over to the booth. A woman with a bag stopped her in her tracks. “Hello Madam” She looked up to see her Pastor`s wife. “Oh, Good afternoon ma.” After exchanging pleasantries, the woman left with her food packs. “Old friend?” Omolabake asked as Morinsola took her seat, taking a sip of her smoothie “Actually. She is my Pastor`s wife.” “Oh nice” Omolabake wasn’t much of a church person. “So how are you?” She abruptly…

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    Omolabake Episode 5

    Episode 5 Resignation letter in his left hand, Gideon stood in front of the HR’s office. Her secretary had affirmed her presence. He touched the door with his right fist; to knock. For the past four minutes, he couldn’t bring himself to knock. Why? It didn’t seem the right thing to do. He had the nagging feeling he got when he was about to do something wrong. He is hand dropped to his side. He lifted his hand to knock the HR’s office door once more. Deep within him, he knew he was about to make a wrong move. “Good morning Gideon” Morinsola opened the door from inside. He took…

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    Omolabake Episode 3

    “Sweetheart, you won’t believe what I had to do today?” Morinsola recounted details of her day to her husband. She stood by the doorway into the kitchen weaving her hair into two cornrows. It was her favourite routine to avoid shrinking of her natural hair. “Am all ears” he pursed his lips. He continued to peel the skin off the Paw-paw at the sink. She narrated the details of her day. “…the funny thing is that to pay him a driver’s salary will be like underpaying him because he is actually more than qualified to be a driver.” “Remind me babe… how old is he?” “About twenty-six or twenty-seven “Ok,…

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    Omolabake Episode 1

    Congratulations Gideon, you have been selected to take Part in the next phase of the screening. You are Invited to an interview on Friday 12th March at 11am. Note that you are expected come along with two passport photographs not older than three months. “This could be it!” Gideon Onah said under his breath as he read the mail he had received from Soeron International for the umpteenth time. Somehow those four words had become some kind of mantra since the mail arrived on the fourth of March. Coincidentally, his twenty seventh birthday. The giant clock in the reception struck 11 am. He waited patiently for his name to be…

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    Named After My Name

    Named After My Name (Be a painter).  Its been yet a time of blessing at the ongoing JTL enlightenment program organised to correct the wrong views of many Christians towards the goodness of God.  Speaking at the event, the JTLCrew lead said, “How you judge an act goes a long way to tell how you will appreciate it. Many have been immensely blessed by the kinds act of God, but have never judged God faithful but rather they have judged those acts as mere happenings of life. Hear these two events.” *Unpainted:* Mummy O! See confusion today. One of my customers Mr Benjamin called me at 6am to come fix…

  • Oblivion (fiction)

    Oblivion 24

    Happy Easter Loves! Oblivion has been out of town for some weeks, we are back and apologise for inconveniences. Jesus Lives Forever; Full of Grace and Truth! Alleluyah! I Love YOU. Oblivion 24 Mikhail’s heart raced as she contemplated whether to stay or to leave the Surge; in order to avoid any contact with Soji. She heard his voice in the background talking about Surge, his dreams of using music to affect lives. He brought out his guitar and played some tunes. Mikhail found herself relaxing into the soothing arms of the music. The programme came to a climax when Kenny K’ore got on stage.  Mikhail used her palm to…

  • Oblivion (fiction)

    Oblivion 22

    Oblivion 22 Tears filled Mikhail’s eyes as she glanced at Dotun. He lay sprawled on the king size bed; his sleeping form looked so at peace. How was that even possible? The tears made their way down her cheeks in unison. For the umpteenth time, she asked herself what she had just done. With a blureed gaze she watched Dotun as he stirred; he woke up and saw her seated at the foot of the bed. Dotun moved towards her “Baby, that was fun right?” he chuckled as tried to touch her cheek “Don’t touch me!” Mikhail avoided Dotun’s touch. She grabbed her blazer and slipped it on over her…