Welcome to my blog!

 Growth and change can never be separated from life…

The same goes for me, a few years ago I began blogging for the sake of it but over the years it has evolved beyond just my life.

You can call me Tomi, most people do.

I love to look for treasures maybe that is why I was drawn to study Geophyscis in the university. Treasure in Human beings, I help individuals look within and bring out those potentials for the benefit of all. It shouldn’t surprise you that  I am passionate about intentional living and an advocate for Journaling. I live with my family in Lagos that includes a dog I try so to avoid. On this blog, I share amazing life stories, lessons and experiences with the hope that you’d find the strength you need to press on.

So, maybe you are wondering where to start from, you can have a swell time checking out my Fiction series https://www.lutomiokuns.com/category/omolabake-fiction/ Omolabake, Podcasts http://anchor.fm/biglittlethings or lessons https://www.lutomiokuns.com/category/life-lessons/.

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