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    Let’s imagine this together, An opportunity arose for you to dive into a swimming pool and get a bag of gold. You can only do this once!  You are standing on a board about to dive into the swimming pool to pick a bag of gold…this board has certain amount of springs designed to not just propel you into the pool but to make your diving more interesting and effective. I am sure because you really want to get the bag of gold once, you will be more calculating in every move and use this Springboard to your advantage… Now think of where you are now, your present state,…

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    I’m Glad We Made It

    2015 holds 365 days of life… Live life, discover,  explore, enjoy, learn all it has in store… My God that has made you see today is more than able to bring you through the year 2015… Happy new year With love from Lutomi Modesola Okunrounmu Thanks to Adeleke Peter for this beautiful picture.

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    A tale of friendship

    The Night I met you, The Choir Festival Night I met you, there was an attraction. The attraction!  What was it? Was it You? The Violin? The Tune?… I believe it was the way You played that Tune on your Violin. I remained captured by the beauty of the music. From that moment, you got me. You went on to render a solo “The Trumpet Shall Sound”. What a blessing it was. I remember your chase to get my number and me complaining  to my sister that you didn’t stalk me anymore since you got my number. I remember our many 2go chats.  I remember the day you came visiting…

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    As a dear friend of mine clocks a new year…I am so glad for him…unfortunately I have not much, should I just go ahead and rob a bank…that may do trick. I am not as happy as I should be. Ifeoluwa is actually a jewel…I dont mind making him my charm bracelet…♥♡♥♡ I surely do wish him well…peeps would have prayed lots for  him am sure, yet of this am sure…I havent made him smile…now I feel like crying. Oluwatobi is and  will indeed be a testimony that God is so unquantifiable and immeasurable. Ifeoluwatobi is a beautiful expression of Ephesians 3:18…I really do pray my friend grows deep…like a…

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    Another Kind of Love

    I Was asked a major question,  ‘What does God’s love for me make me think of?’ Sincerely,  I couldn’t instantly come up with anything…majorly because I had never really given much thought to God’s kind of love for me. So I decided to give this issue much thought. While nature and all created tell about God’s creativity…The Human mind, structure,  dna and function show his vast intelligence. A lot tell about God but His love for me is way beyond my comprehension. I came to a conclusion that there is this song that captures my heart “To Love You Back” by Jamie Grace…(click here to download To love you back).…

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    June 25th, 2014.

    Dear Diary, As Bro Goke and I exchanged our farewells after the ceremony,  I sat in  the Tricycle (keke napep). After settling in, this guy gave me a red  booklet (on Forgiveness). Never knew him before…I told him the book looked familiar as I realized I had some hours ago seen it at the Bible Wonderland Bookstore. He said that was where he had bought it and asked if I saw him there, to which I replied a no. To continue the conversation  I asked ‘Do you read novels?’ ‘No’, he said ‘ I am a scientist’…I replied ‘ I’m a scientist’ He pressed on ‘ I’m  in the Health’s…

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    I saw a Sunflower!

    I saw a Sunflower, Truly I did see one. The sun rose in its radiance over this beautiful little flower (poor thing, I thought)… What baffled me was this, I also was under the powerful ministration of this Solar boss, sweating profusely yet this Sunflower just sat there basking, in the gigantic radiance; its own beauty. Only then did I realise that the Sunflower did not get scorched because she had herself connected to a source and the same will go for you if only yoy get and stay connected to the TRUE VINE…JOHN 15

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    Did I tell you Lord…?

    Lord, did I tell you? Things dont always work out according to “my plan”…I may get frustrated at times, friends dont always see with me from the same glasses. Did I tell you that it drives me crazy to know that am not in control of my life…well, half the time! Did I tell you its really cool to look at the stars after a very stressful seemingly unproductive day…thank you for putting them there. Lord, did I tell you my peace comes from you…knowing you are THERE…You are just HERE, right by my side…It comforts me. Did I tell You Lord, I have Joy!