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    This past September, I embarked on a journey to do a Thirty day series sharing on various words necessary to live intentionally. At the end of it, I promised to give you a compiled edition in an eBook. So you can go through it at you pace and share with loved ones. So here is it, each Words are written for you. They are sincere, some are funny and very life applicable. Thank you for following! Download here. Get your Words To Live By eBook here

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    Grace Closer than the very air we breath in… For you are more abundant than the very oxygen that appears to all men. Those who took her in, in full breath are welcomed with zest into Life eternal. They know this, they feel this… They are ordered daily in godliness, uprightness and self controlled living.  What are you waiting for?  Why are you yet to take in this gust of freshness? For grace hands one a new slate… Come then all you who are weak, weary, burdened and tired of the struggles, trying to be accepted for there is a rest for you. The Lord Jesus promises you this today!…

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    ​Men are like books being read on a daily… People will either read you to the end and give recommendations to others about you there by passing you on to others  or read you (just few pages) and drop in an instant for a bad attitude… A bad attitude is as the smell of rotten egg irritates the nostrils or worse. Don’t be deceived by the media that an attitude either sassy or saucy is what makes one celebrated. A good attitude is necessary to one’s disposition of life and affects his perception and attitude to things. Likewise towards others.  A good attitude is not a plus, it is a…

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    But here is why he says so, “Dwell in me, and I in you. As it is impossible for branches to bear any fruit while disconnected from trees, so it is impossible for you to experience fruitfulness i.e to have any fruit except you are connected to me… Except my life flows to you. Except you fed from me for I am the source.” John 15:4(paraphrased). Selah. #wordstoliveby

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    Man is moved by sight.  Man moves by sight  Is man a puppet?   Since what propels his every action or inaction  is his accurate  estimation  of what he sees or doesn’t see.  So is man moved by sight?  Does his heart stir in jubilation  as he is enlightened about the numerous possibilities  that abound  within  and without  his potentials?  Or Do you think he sees these things… Retreats in fear, shrugs in disbelief, critical of the mere thought  of such vivid visions…  Either way, Man moves by sight… May or may not be in the right direction with respect to worthy of note is that man moves by what…

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    Pain is rather an inevitable part of life’s processes… What we do with pain is more important than what caused the pain (selah). Though there may be justifiable reasons or not as to why there is a pain in the first place… But many are have turned sadly in to the uncomforting arms of alcohol, sexual-obsession and her numerous siblings, food addiction, drug abuse or worse still a life of denial.  Really, it is important to feel your pain but  not to hold on to it that it becomes a living.  To feel here is to not deny that indeed there is a pain, which is actually the effect of…

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    The one who understands this and can harness the use of such knowledge is not only a wise one but a rich one. Worth learning from is how my master operates. He’d spend the nights with his talking with his Father and his day in diligent pursuit of tasks assigned to him by his Father.  And Jesus my master, never left any stone unturned… #wordstoliveby

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    “My future is so bright I need sunshades!”  This and many more self motivating and positively gingering posts fill the tweetmosphere and Facebook.  A quick question, how much of these do the writers have in their personal book(s)? Note that this particularly word (i.e. Journalling) is in continuous tense. And this is because life is progressive and requires that we move along proactively. And a good place to start is by drawing up a blueprint on paper.  The rewards of journalling are tremendous, Do you know that you tend to remember stuff written down seven times more than what you read?  Also, writing has a way of making whatever thoughts…

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    What our feet would do without shoes is sort of unknown to man! Most interestingly, there is a type of footwear available for any scenario… Loafers, heels, dollies, sandals, sneakers, slippers etc. Shoes are so important, I don’t know what to say… May our feet be kept away from danger and be planted in the right direction in Jesus name. Amen. #wordstoliveby

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    What is life without a gulp of courage! The drawing in of breath it self … The exhale of that very air… The opening of the eyes to the first rays of  morning light… Placing one foot ahead of another… The birth of a baby… The challenge of starting a new school… The daily rigours of work… The calling of a hindering relationship… The wedding that actually leads to marriage… The forming of a new habit… The change of a character for the better… The daily actions that take you a step closer to your Vision… What is life without being courageous? May you find strength to be courageous today…