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    Omolabake Episode 7

    Seven they say is the perfect number! I have a good news to share, actually several… But we will take one today! Before I share, We now have a page on Facebook you can follow to get updates, gist, behind the scene thoughts and all… Here is the link https://www.facebook.com/Lutomi-Modesola-155383391777303/ And to the good news, Omolabake will now come twice a week! So here you go for all who asked! Tuesdays and yep, Fridays… Now to today’s episode… Episode 7 A reality television show was on, but Omolabake was not watching. Demola was. They sat on a sofa in his sitting room. With he had his gaze on the Tv,…

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    Omolabake Episode 6

    Episode 6: Happy New Month Friends! Gideon had fallen into a comfortable routine. It was true what she said, a good portion of the time was spent on the road. Her intelligence was profound. He figured that the rumours were also true. Omolabake couldn’t stand people who refused to think. During the first few weeks of his arrival, he’d receive snide remarks. His predecessor, the guy Stanley who drove her last had even said to him. “Don’t get too comfortable”. When she wasn’t asking questions or talking. The ride was quiet, well save for the rumble of the tires. It amused him that She didn’t like radios. She couldn’t listen…

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    Omolabake Episode 5

    Episode 5 Resignation letter in his left hand, Gideon stood in front of the HR’s office. Her secretary had affirmed her presence. He touched the door with his right fist; to knock. For the past four minutes, he couldn’t bring himself to knock. Why? It didn’t seem the right thing to do. He had the nagging feeling he got when he was about to do something wrong. He is hand dropped to his side. He lifted his hand to knock the HR’s office door once more. Deep within him, he knew he was about to make a wrong move. “Good morning Gideon” Morinsola opened the door from inside. He took…

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    Omolabake Episode 4

    CHAPTER 4 “Granny-O, I got the Chili sauce. I am at the corner of the street.” After a pause, she replied “No, I did not forget the baking supplies.” Omolabake ended the call with her Grandmother. Granny was easily one of her best people in the world. With so much love to shower. Her vegetable soups were straight out of no recipe books. At seventy-seven, she still insisted her loaves and pastries had to be home baked. When she wasn’t napping, knitting or playing scrabble with the gardener, they were gisting. Omolabake cooked on weekends. Granny always said, to keep Omolabake’s skills alive. Omolabake noticed the garden trees had been…

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    Omolabake Episode 3

    “Sweetheart, you won’t believe what I had to do today?” Morinsola recounted details of her day to her husband. She stood by the doorway into the kitchen weaving her hair into two cornrows. It was her favourite routine to avoid shrinking of her natural hair. “Am all ears” he pursed his lips. He continued to peel the skin off the Paw-paw at the sink. She narrated the details of her day. “…the funny thing is that to pay him a driver’s salary will be like underpaying him because he is actually more than qualified to be a driver.” “Remind me babe… how old is he?” “About twenty-six or twenty-seven “Ok,…

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    Omolabake Episode 2

    Yippe! It’s another Tuesday, time to read your favourite eSeries #Omolabake… Thanks for the likes and shares. If you have not read Episode 1, you can by clicking this link https://goo.gl/g9vWcn Episode 2 “What’s your view about romantic affairs in the workplace?” The interviewer asked him “It’s wrong to allow personal affairs affect one’s efficiency at work. But after work, can one really help who he falls in love with?” Gideon asked rhetorically. The interviewer didn’t flinch. Not even a move of eyebrow or a smile to give her away. He wasn’t so sure about the answer he gave. Seconds of silence passed, she asked “Do you have other commitments…

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    Omolabake Episode 1

    Congratulations Gideon, you have been selected to take Part in the next phase of the screening. You are Invited to an interview on Friday 12th March at 11am. Note that you are expected come along with two passport photographs not older than three months. “This could be it!” Gideon Onah said under his breath as he read the mail he had received from Soeron International for the umpteenth time. Somehow those four words had become some kind of mantra since the mail arrived on the fourth of March. Coincidentally, his twenty seventh birthday. The giant clock in the reception struck 11 am. He waited patiently for his name to be…

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    In Retrospect: January and Beyond

    Hi there! Somehow, we have counted the first 30 days of the year 2018. Amazing, isn’t it? yet some would say that this time last year we were in March. Lol, funny right… In a moment, we’d be into the month of February, the month of Love (can I get an amen). More than the days we count friends, we must look and ask ourselves if we are making each day count. If we are making the most of the days i.e. our time! Well, from my end January was an amazingly long one, several ups and mostly been pushed out of my comfort zone. I had my Final Year…

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    There has always been this beats versus lyrics controversy… Some will say, the Beat ooo… Others will say the lyrics just have to really rock.  For me, the beat may be the attraction… But the lyrics always determines if such attraction will be sustained.   So, here is me asking you?  What’s you music about, the beat or the lyrics? Would you listen to crap music even with good beats? #wordstoliveby And yes, thank you for joining the words to live by Train.  Love.

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    Who Will Eat the Chicken of a Witch?

    Once in a while in prison, we have unexpected celebrations. Thats the only time you see the kitchen warders sharing packages of packed foods to prisoners and this only happens, when a generous celebrant from town  has sent in food to the prisoners.  But this faithful day, I was caught unaware as I woke up late, having prayed all night and God had said He will show me the hatred of three years I was nursing. Awaking to the aroma, from my portion of the jollof rice with peppered chicken which Jeff my friend had kept for me.  smiling as i saw it, I could not resist eating at first…