Scent of Water

This picture of #ScentOfWater came out beautiful. The letters, perfect by my own parameters. Everything in place.  Life is like this at times…  Beautiful, vibrant and without any form of unforseen contingencies… As when all forces are working together towards the achievement of one’s purpose.  Everything moves flawlessly just as intended.  Till… …Till Everything suddenly came to a halt.  Like …

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Limelight (musings of a mini star)

Limelight  (musings of a mini star)

I am scared of the limelight… Am I ready for this I ask me for the umpteenth time

As I stand on the corridors back stage, my muscles are tense, I hold back…
Would I be a chameleon when the limelight hits me… Or would I be the LIGHT I am and consume every ray of the limelight? 
Because the former is a result possible when the sense of purpose is gone, and the later is who I am or what is expected of me. 

…I have to shine my light as received for the Bright STAR…I must remain in Him…

Jesus said “No one puts on a light and hides it under a basket”. (Matthew 5:14-15)