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    6 Productive Ways to Use Your Time (Part 2)

    Hi great people of the universe! It is Friday in Lagos, Nigeria, and of course a cool day to be alive! In my previous post, I began to share how to make productive use of time especially when you are free of activities. Today, I’m sharing the concluding part of that post. But if you haven’t seen it, here is the link.https://www.lutomiokuns.com/2019/04/10/6-productive-ways-to-use-your-time-part-1/ Now, to the amazing three things to do: 4. Short Term Courses These days there are many courses available to learn from and they are available on numerous platforms both online and offline. A personal favourite of mine is learning online. The beauty of most online courses is…

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    6 Productive Ways to Use Your Time (Part 1)

    Hello there! If you ever took your time to observe a clock, you will realize quickly that time doesn’t fly. In my opinion, time just goes on, ticking each second as it passes… Soon seconds become minutes Minutes become hours Hours after the 24th count become a day. As such at the end of the day, it boils down to this…  Was it a productive day or not? A wise man once said to count the value of each day not in the harvest but in the seeds sown. Stick with me as I will be sharing ways to use your time productively especially if you have some free time…

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    Mothers know it all, Happy Mother’s Day

    One time as toddler I had skin rashes, more like a break out. It was probably a reaction to something. Scared I ran to mummy, ‘Mummy see my skin’ After examining it, she said go have your bath with Tetmosol. I did. Amazed, I walked up to her days later… ‘Mummy, the rashes are gone.’ She smiled. ‘How did you know what I should use ?’ I asked. She said, ‘It is my job to know’ Mothers know a whole lot… The office of motherhood demands it. To all Mothers out there, for all you know, do for us and share with us. Thank you! Happy Mother’s Day

  • NYSC Tales & Corper Sense


    DISPRUTION(Why I Stayed Back in Adamawa) Just as soon as I got to camp, I didn’t hesitate to tell anyone who asked, ‘I am not staying in Adamawa.’ What most people didn’t know was that as I said it there was an inward unrest, not so loud just a nudging, an unease… Such that when I face the world with certainty, on the inside, I was uncertain. I’d comfort myself with ‘God knows I need to be at home.’ I mean like ‘Dear God, we are on the same page, right?’ As camp went on, that unrest became a restlessness. When ever I said I was going home, it was…

  • NYSC Tales & Corper Sense


    INTENTIONS (The Difference Between What I Chose and What I Wanted) While registering for NYSC you get the opportunity of choosing 4 states… States you’d like to have your service year. You stand a chance of being posted to one of these states, well, I have seen some who got posted to states they didn’t choose. I had no intention towards NYSC, never liked it, wasn’t interested. So, to the states I chose… Ondo, intentionally chose this because it was the closest state home available. Kaduna, because it was a lifetime opportunity to spend a year Koinonia under AJS. Edo, randomly chosen because it was the closest after Ondo available…

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    LAUTECH SOR and NYSC Drama

    Ask the average member of LAUTECH Class 16 and he or she will tell you that getting that Statement of Result was not Beans… In fact it was a troubling experience. In my previous post, I told you I was to get it on Monday 16th, April abi… Well, Monday became Tuesday and grew into a full blown Wednesday 18th. By the way, Camp was to open on Thursday 19th… I did not get my SOR till past 5pm on Wednesday. Returned to Lagos on Thursday, Began my journey to Northeastern Nigeria on Friday… Arrived The Land of Beauty after 32hours around some minutes to 6pm on Saturday, 21st. There…

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    The Beginning

    Monday Morning16th April, 2018Bethel Hostel, Under G ‘I missed your call earlier, sorry. I was occupied’ I spoke to my big sister, Bukky on as I put my things in order. It was monday, just as every member of Class 16, I was eager to receive my Statement of Result. ‘Yeah, it is alright. So have you checked?’ She asked ‘Is it out?’ I asked in typical Naija fashion ‘Duh, people have seen theirs… Tobi Babawale has been posted to Kebbi’ I giggled for a moment. Wow this NYSC thing is for real o. I thought. ‘Let me check and call you back’ Minutes later… I navigated to my portal…

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    7 Simple Ways to Show Kindness

    I learnt a profound lesson about Kindness on Saturday, 23rd February 2019. It was the day slated for Presidential elections. As expecetd all serving Corp members get the privilege to serve with the conducting body, INEC as ad hoc staff. This opportunity is optional, I chose not to participate though a lot of people except my immediate family were aware that I was not participating. Officially, by evening… Counting of votes or collation of results should be done or ongoing. Well, just about that time, I received a phone call, from my friend… She said “Hi Tomi, are you home? Hope you are safe and back from your electoral duties”…

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    On My Deathbed (A short story)

    George lay helpless on his death bed. His frail form did him no justice. In his day, he was known as “Strongman,” feared no doubt by all. The retired Director General of the NAFDAC lay tired. The very beep of the monitors seemed to make it more obvious that life was seeping out of him. Monica his daughter dabbed at his forehead with a damp towel. She found it quite ironic that he’d let her close now what he was sick. No one ever got close to the Strongman. Well only her mum who seemed to melt away his defenses. Growing up, Monica had learnt to approach him humbly. Even…

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    Teenage Memories: Gist From My Sweet Sixteen

    As a teenager, I had plans… Who wouldn’t growing up in a household with Christian and moral values. Ten years ago, I was sixteen. I knew I had to complete my secondary school education to get the freedom I craved for. One of such freedom, was the freedom to date… We had a standing rule at home to have no boyfriend till a particular age… So dating in Secondary school was out of the question. I didn’t plan to be promiscuous. But, after reading a good number of romance novels, my heart was ready to explore. I had plans to find Prince Charming (one way or another). And by that…