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Disciplines of the Expectant (Purpose Edition)

Disciplines of the Expectant (Purpose Edition)

The first time the reality of the disciplines of an expectant person dawned on me was just about two years ago, I was expecting my now two-year-old daughter. At the said time, I was not only awed by the changes my body was undergoing but also the gradual and sometimes abrupt changes to my routines, tastebuds, and lifestyle.

All these got me thinking then that indeed an expectant person has to somewhat posture him or herself for what he/she is expecting, not just pregnancy. 

During that time in pregnancy mode, I knew I’d someday do some writing about the topic, Disciplines of the Expectant. In recent times, I have once more with keen observation looked at greater heights call on me and the discipline that must be put in place to get there. Because this title is two-sided for me, I decided that I’d write one that focuses on pregnancy, drawing out some disciplines I put in place and then an edition that is more life-purpose focused. 

I advise you read both to understand both the literal and figurative contexts. Look out for the next blog post for the Pregnancy Edition.

I’d start out by sharing a stunning realization I had, for as long as I have known myself, I consider myself someone who is determined, motivated and hardly quits. Well, adulthood came knocking, late May, I began a certification course in Product Management, I will sometime later do a post on how my fascination with product management began, stay tuned.

It’s a six-week course, it shouldn’t be a big deal, dedicate at least an hour daily to study and attempt each mission’s exercise. You see, easy peasy. But it only seemed that easy on paper. If you know me well, you most likely know I am a Personal Development advocate. So yeah!

But as I began studying, it was a self-paced program, I found that I was having conflicting schedules (life, work, responsibilities, etc). During my free time, I was exhausted. Even though the course was self-paced but I quickly found my motivation level dropping. For one, I was not taking the course just for the sake of taking the course or to have a certificate, but to actually understand the concept of Product Management. In fact, I had stopped attending a previous training just around March because I felt I was so occupied and wasn’t getting value.

So what changed?

I came to a point where I had to acknowledge that I am human, I can feel unmotivated, like quitting but it doesn’t mean I should. In that period, I realised the need to be disciplined.

As with all our pursuits as humans, you probably understand that motivation, passion, and those initial feelings are good but when the going gets tough may not be what you need to forge forward. 

Every new height to be attained will require new levels of discipline. One of the biggest disciplines is to say no to those things that a comfortable but will keep you where you are not meant to be and to choose the things that will demand from you so you can attain the heights that are calling on you.

The story I share is only one scenario of several. There are and will be many moments in your life that will demand you to be disciplined.

The vision you carry will demand that you be disciplined;

Discipline In your thoughts, words, actions

You’d realize that you must master your thoughts, not give room to negative thinking. As per your words, you will be disciplined in your speech so your words can carry weight, You will learn not to act rashly or be too “woke” for your purpose. 

Discipline In your health and  wellness

We grew up hearing that your health is your wealth, Your meal plan, attitude to exercise and commitment to rest is key to your wellbeing.

Discipline In your Finances

How do you handle your money affairs? What’s your culture around Spending, Saving, and Investment?

Discipline In your Relationships

Valuing friends, and family; recognising and enforcing boundaries is not always easy but quite needful.

Discipline In Knowledge

Commit yourself to a continuous learning process. Learn, unlearn and relearn by reading, listening, studying and acting.

Discipline in being a Person of Integrity

Are you a person of integrity? What drives you, instant gratification or long-term vision? Do your words or actions weigh much?

Discipline In your Lifestyle

Your habits and routines might seem minute but are building blocks for your life. Watch them.

 As we conclude this reading, my challenge and reminder to you are that an expectant person has to remain disciplined to attain the vision in his heart. While there are some general disciplines expected of humans, your vision will come with its customised disciplines. It is your responsibility to find out those disciplines and live them out for a fulfilled life.

Thanks for reading and I wish you a pleasant month of August. 

Kindly add your contributions or questions in the comment section. Who knows it might inspire the readers!

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