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Crawl if you have to but get to the finish line…

Crawl if you have to but get to the finish line…

I recently figured out two things.

First, quitting is not for me. And I wrote about it some blogs ago.

The second thing I figured out is that even if you are a determined person, there are days you’d be low on motivation and feel less determined. At that moment, quitting will seem the befitting thing to do. What I have figured out is that you can press on by the power of discipline.

I’d say discipline is seeing the big picture, the end goal and not just the present challenges. Jesus for the joy set before him, disciplined himself by saying I will endure this moment, it is temporary, and the actions I take now will have an impact on posterity. And so, he endured the cross the pain, the shame to enjoy the glory.

Many of us will have fewer regrets if we discipline ourselves to say no to temporary unaligned pleasures and say yes to what we should be saying yes to.

No one gets the trophy till he gets to the finish line. Your trophy is waiting for you at the finish line, crawl if you have to but ensure you get to the finish line. 

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PS: Gentle reminder that you are in competition with no one but yourself. Everyone can get a trophy!

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