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Unboxing Motherhood: 8 Truths/Things I like & I’m Getting Used to About Being a Mother

Unboxing Motherhood: 8 Truths/Things I like & I’m Getting Used to About Being a Mother

It’s often said that the day a baby is born, so also is a mother (and father, I should add).

It’s been eight beautiful and life-changing months since we welcomed our beautiful, energetic bundle called Joy to our lives and the World.

In those months and months before (during the pregnancy journey), I have tried to savour every moment, the reality, the ups and the downs. And in recent months, bask in the delight of being a mummy.

Although, I have not been actively blogging for a while now, let’s call this my attempt to crawl out of the shell because it can’t contain me any more. This is me saying I’m glad to be back.

Let’s unbox, shall we?

There is so much to talk about ranging from postpartum body, sleepless nights, growth spurts and more. For this post, I will be sharing 8 Truths/Things I like or I’m getting used to about my new normal (motherhood).

  1. First things first, seeing my baby healthy, grin, and exercise the pure Joy she is makes the 9-preggy-months journey feel like a walk in the park.
  2. I love watching my baby sleep and giving her random pecks and kisses. Daily observing the budding personality of my little baby and affirming her.
  3. Milestones excite me. Every day, I’m amazed at the little changes and growth recorded. In the early months, I was able to recognise growth spurts whenever there was a change in her sleeping or eating patterns. Oftentimes, she’d spend more time at the breast or more time sleeping and right after that we usually observe changes.
  4. Mummy support from other mums has been amazing. Mummies know so much and are always ready to share what worked for them
  5. My postpartum body is mine to love. Your postpartum body may not be the exact way it was and will probably never remain the same but it’s yours to love and to nurture. Remember, your mental health is more by far important than a flat tummy.
  6. Growth and development are such beautiful aspects of life to observe and I try to take it all in because toothless grins soon become the grins that showcase two cute and sharp teeth.
  7. Perhaps the biggest reality about being a mummy is that it is a learn-on-the-go kind of job. You have to be ready to keep trying out a lot of things like supplies, routines etc. till you find what works for you and your family.
  8. Routines are important but it took a while to create one that works. No pressure… esp as a first-time mum, they were days that worked and some that didn’t just click. I simply told myself I’d try again.

If you have read to this point and found something that resonates with you please share in the comments. I hope a preggy or (new or old-timer) mum reading finds strength in these words, “You are doing well and your body is doing an amazing job.”

Till I come your way next time.


Stay Fabulous,


  1. Adeola Aderounmu

    Thanks so much mama…..Many things learnt and so much more to learn from you….

    The joy of having a healthy and energetic baby makes all the experience a great and memorable one…

    My love to Joy and Bro Laide,
    God bless.

    1. Okunrounmu Oluwabukola

      I love the experiences you shared. I’m glad that you unboxed motherhood and it’s a beautiful experience despite it’s ups and downs. The learning experience is amazing.

      It’s been awesome watching you transform into a Mother. You are a beautiful one.

      I have experienced a few of these, thanks to my Joy. I do look forward to motherhood.

      Welcome back from the long break, I’m sure we will be reading from you soon again. Yes. Beautiful write up. We have missed reading from you.

      1. Tomi Jamal-Alayande

        The one and only Abuki, AKA Big mommy. Your support has been immense for decades. You are an amazing mother (You have Pelu, Jgrace, me and now Joy to show for it.

        Yes, you will be reading more.

    2. Tomi Jamal-Alayande

      Thanks, Sis Nike for reading, it’s been so awesome having you on this mommy-ing journey.

      I celebrate you, you have shown amazing strength and my Prince is growing so fast😅.

  2. Jola Grace

    This beautiful article expresses motherhood in ways I am yet to comprehend and shows that it’s something to look forward 🤓
    It’s wonderful knowing that Joy is giving you joy 😊

  3. Oluwaseyi

    It’s good to have you back sis!

    ‘Perhaps the biggest reality about being a mummy is that it is a learn-on-the-go kind of job.’ This is it for me.

    As much as the journey of motherhood differs from one woman to the other (since every child is different), still reading from and listening to experiences from you and other mothers out there is a great comfort and joy to new moms.

    Looking forward to more piece on this journey from you.

    1. Tomi Jamal-Alayande

      That’s true, no two mothers have the exact stories. A mother’s experience for two children might be similar but the experiences are never the same. We trust God for the best still and keep learning. Thanks for reading.

  4. Sarah

    Thanks for the loving and educative words…. So many has made motherhood so terrifying that it has created so many fears in our hearts.

    Thanks for taking us through with Joy
    Hoping to hear much more from you

    1. Tomi Jamal-Alayande

      I can totally relate. Many people talk about the ordeals in such a way to incite fear (knowingly or unknowingly). I think believers have a role to play in changing the narrative.

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