Saturday Song Gist
Saturday Song Gist

Saturday Song Gist: Your Goodness by Dunsin Oyekan

Recently, I noticed when I’m faced with a tough situation or not going in the direction I think it should. My instinctive response is to think, “I’m done” or “I quit”.

“I will try another thing.”

You know what we call initial gra gra… that be like ona kan o woja ( no be only one road de enter market)

Yet, I am aware I can’t make a decision except I have a green light from my Father.

So, if he has not said yes, who I be to say no?

This year, I have been listening to sermons from The Covenant Nation Sunday Services and it’s not just timely but also insightful on actions to take. Pastor Poju says the words I need to hear over such matters.

Anyway, I soon realize that the way forward is not quitting at every instance of an obstacle.

For me, I speak life over the matter, confess God’s words and praise God.

When I encounter a tough situation now, I choose not to complain or grumble. My dad always said no one grumbled and got anything from God.

In all, I realize that the goodness of God looks so good on me. I soon see God’s bigger picture over the issue and receive direction on how to make it work.

Indeed, His Goodness looks good on us.

I first heard this song by Dunsin Oyekan at WAFBEC 2020 (and I totally love it), you should listen to it as well.

Song recommendation: Your Goodness by Dunsin Oyekan

What do you do when faced with an obstacle?


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