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Not Missing the Time of Your Visitation (Part 2)

Not Missing the Time of Your Visitation (Part 2)

During those days while I was learning faith for supplies was also the period when my wife-to-be was being wooed by another brother.
Now, as at then, I hadn’t proposed but had arrived at this assurance that she was the one for me. We were friends, all was fine until the brother showed up.

Now, the brother seemed to have all things going far better for him than I could boast of. First, he was pursuing his doctorate, worked at one of the best universities in Nigeria, was well-to-do, was a leader of great standing in the Christian community he fellowshipped at, and to crown it, he was from the same state as Temi.

Don’t laugh at me. While I would wait for the MTN xtracool time window back in the day and be sending Call Me Back, here was someone who could call for 30 minutes or an hour and not bat an eyelid. Now, you see, I also had to follow the protocols of my church then which was to first approach the Marriage Panel and be given go-ahead before proposing.

Unfortunately, at that time, it was very rare for a student to be given the time of day if they claimed to have heard God about a person since courtships were to last for not more than 6 months advisably.

So, I had kept mum biding time whereas I had known she was the one since 200L but arrived at full persuasion about her in 400L. But then again, I had heard about brothers who wouldn’t say anything and someone else who just arrived a while ago would go ahead to propose to the sister and whisk her away.

So, it was a great tension trying to keep in line with the Marriage Panel policy while observing that someone was seeking to woo her and make her his. 
Now, there was one day (say, one day 😉) when this brother called her while we were both together at a pastor’s place. As the conversation kept going and going, I don’t know where the fever came from. Boy, was my temperature hotter than the degrees in a thermometer! I was just hot and shivering at the same time. Now, I told you before: don’t laugh at me.

The funny thing was also that the Lord had told me not to try to psych Temi or attack the brother by slandering him to her. I was to keep mum while watching and praying.

But there was another one day, which I heard about later. The dear brother had gone to visit Temi and her family in their home. However, just as soon as the brother left, Temi’s grandma called her and said, “This man is not a husband.”

Woah! Why? What happened? 
The brother had gone visiting without taking along a single gift for the family neither had he given her siblings any gifts when he was leaving
That’s tragedic! You see, there had been some interest in him as a worthy suitor for Temi but that day was the day the family drew a line and said, “Impossicant!”

He missed the day of his visitation. Lol. However, truth be told, yours truly had been in prayer that God should work all things after the counsel of His Own will far as His word to me was concerned. I mean serious prayer. And Abba definitely came through. Beloved, you dare not miss the time of your visitation. Your heart has to be in sync with God-operations continually that your times and seasons are accurately fulfilled.

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