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Sombre Reflection as I Open a New Chapter of Life

Sombre Reflection as I Open a New Chapter of Life

In all honesty, I love birthdays.

Every new year and at several times during the year, I check the weekday my birthday and that of loved ones falls on, just because. I am not one of those people that say they forgot their own birthday.

I can’t even pretend to forget.

In summary, today is my birthday, yippee! A new year, cake day!

Birthdays are always worth celebrating. Not only celebrating, for me it is usually a time of reflection and a time to make some life-enhancing decisions. 

This year’s reflection is however dear to my heart as the world celebrates the life of Christian apologist, Pa Ravi Zacharias as he transited to glory on May 19, 2020.

I was privileged to hear his messages as an undergraduate having been introduced to him by a dear friend, Femi Ariyo, and last year, as I prepared for my wedding, my cousin, Bro Kunle Odufuye shared an instructive message of his with me on marriage.

His heart was always poured into his teachings with illustrations that helped his points hit home.

But here is the thing, upon reading his health update shared on May 8, I was both sad yet at peace. Sad at what it means when doctors say there is nothing that can be done scientifically anymore yet at peace because it occurred to me that though the outward body perishes, to die is gain in Christ Jesus.

So on May 11, I picked up my journal and wrote, kindly find pictures of my notes below… the words in it will bless you.

Journal entry 1
Journal entry 2

On Monday afternoon, 19th May, just around 2:10 pm, my cousin Bro Kunle, sent me a message, “Ravi has gone home”. 

4 words that meant a whole lot. Perhaps the most comforting part even though I shed tears is that I am not oblivious as to where “Home” is, after all, I noted in my Journal; that he has been ready for a while.

I celebrate the Life of Pa Ravi Zacharias,

A man who lived by his convictions sharing his message passionately and consistently.

But that’s not all, his humility and intellect were astounding yet he remained an encouragement to the body of Christ even in his last days.

This is a reminder as we often live by the illusion that there is still time; 

We sometimes assume there is still lots of time to live thereby postponing the things that truly matter.

Some folks would rather wait till a later time to surrender their lives to Jesus while others feel that though they have given their lives to him, they can live to his praise and glory much later.

Time to make an impact.

In reality, there is no time.

Remember this nursery rhyme, “Tick says the clock, tick, tock. What you have to do, do quick!”

Sometimes, we hold ourselves back which shouldn’t be…

For a bit of your reflection,

Why are you on earth?

What or who do you live for?

When it is time to leave earth, where will you be headed?

Have you surrendered your life to the lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ?

These are the questions that you must ask yourself because, at the end of time, they are all that matter.

Ravi had his faith anchored on the words of Jesus, “Because I live, you will also live.” (John 14:19b) and you can. Would you like to make a commitment to Jesus today?

Say this prayer:

Lord Jesus, thank you for the life you are offering me. I accept you as my Lord and saviour, and ask that you take the lead over my life. I yield myself to you that my days on earth shall be as you planned and desire. Thank you for I know my request is granted. Amen

Kindly reach out to me via if you said this prayer or need to speak with someone.

It is a new chapter for me, and here is my prayer (Kindly pray along with me)…

Teach me, Lord, to be fearless. Teach me to put value on my days that I might live with wisely. And day by day, these 3 things I pray; to see thee more clearly, love thee more dearly, follow thee more nearly… day by day. Amen.



      1. Ayomide Ruth

        It’s nice reading through this, seeing life more clearly and appreciating a good death (that which opens the door to go Home) more and dearly hoping to continually live for the Father.
        Happy and More Blessed New Age to you. And, may you live always for God’s glory and to fulfill purpose. Amen, in Jesus’ name.

  1. Omotola Onanuga

    This is truly worth reflecting on. Teach us to number our days, oh Lord.

    Your life has been a blessing to me and I wish you a wonderful new year.

    Happy birthday sis.

    1. Adetunji Adejoke

      Happy Birthday to you ma’am. The gospel of Christ Jesus will never cease from your mouth. Your years on earth shall never be just a number but for great significant to generations.

  2. Adebayo omotola Tinuade

    Thank you sis Tomi for this write up.this is the first opportunity I have to read your write up here .
    I will say it’s inspiring and I am blessed.
    May you always be a blessing to us ma.
    Once again , Happy birthday and love you ma

  3. Olagunju Kazeem Michael

    Truly there is no time but Grace to maximize the little time we have is what we need. Once that grace is put to use, our lives will count for us praise and glory.

    Happy birthday to you dear friend.

    You new year is blessed with pleasant surprises and fulfillment in Jesus name.

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