Find Out About My Upcoming Novel Omolabake (And Download Two Free Chapters )

Hey there,

If you are like me, you love a good novel to cozy up with, enjoy the time picturing happily ever afters.

The good news is my novel Omolabake will be out this June (Yaaay, let the count down begin). and I know suspense can be so suspenseful soI have shared the synopsis in this blog and a giveaway of two free chapters here


Beautiful heiress Omolabake has it all; money, affluence and fame. Everything she wanted, she got. Sadly, she has never gotten what she believes she needs the most; the love of her father. 
Gideon Onah is about to have the ride of his life and he doesn’t even know. All he believes is that his Father has the best in store for him. Even if it means taking a job that is way beyond him. 
Until their paths cross and their stories a change forever. Can Gideon help Omolabake receive the love she desperately needs?

You can download your free copy, I shared some insider gist on the Big Little Things podcast  .

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