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6 Productive Ways to Use Your Time (Part 1)

Hello there!

If you ever took your time to observe a clock, you will realize quickly that time doesn’t fly. In my opinion, time just goes on, ticking each second as it passes…

Soon seconds become minutes
Minutes become hours
Hours after the 24th count become a day.

As such at the end of the day, it boils down to this…

 Was it a productive day or not?

A wise man once said to count the value of each day not in the harvest but in the seeds sown.
Stick with me as I will be sharing ways to use your time productively especially if you have some free time on your hands. Like you are waiting for a job, seeking admission, not so busy, on vacation…
Your life is your responsibility!

So lets get started,

  1. Read Good Books
    Whether hard or soft copy, there are a thousand and more books in existence. Walk-in bookshops as well as online platforms to source for books on you preferred subject matter. There are eReaders that help you keep track, read aloud, read several at a time. Point is, there is no legitimate reason why reading shouldn’t be a priority if you desire to grow, be knowledgeable, gain competence and develop excellently. No excuse at all.
    And I won’t even bother to say Readers are Leaders (when they take necessary actions)
  2. Attend Events
    One sure way to stay productive with your time especially if you have some free time is to attend events. I don’t mean party ooo, not every time aso ebi!
    Whatever names they are called Meet-up, Masterclass, Hangout, Seminar or Workshop, They are easy to locate.
    Simply go to or Google Eventbrite Lagos (or the state you seek to attend an event in).
    You will be amazed that there is a lot going on around you that you can learn from, interact with and have been missing out on. And some of these events are free. Thank me later. www.eventbrite.comom

3. Volunteering
Volunteering is such a wonderful way to spend your time because there is so much you can gain along the way.

a. Knowledge

b. Skills

c. Meet amazing people

d. Network

e. Get mentorship and guidance

f. Figure out if you really like an interest.

g. Join hands to fight for a worthy cause

h. Gain experience

j. Get insight into an industry

I. Access to resources
Bonus: Volunteering is an opportunity to show the world you are a blessing.
Wow… There is just so much to learn. You can gain whenever you volunteer.
Even if you don’t get monetary reward from the opportunity, you will certainly gain much more.
You can get volunteering opportunities


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