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(Why I Stayed Back in Adamawa)

Just as soon as I got to camp, I didn’t hesitate to tell anyone who asked, ‘I am not staying in Adamawa.’

What most people didn’t know was that as I said it there was an inward unrest, not so loud just a nudging, an unease…

Such that when I face the world with certainty, on the inside, I was uncertain.

I’d comfort myself with ‘God knows I need to be at home.’ I mean like ‘Dear God, we are on the same page, right?’

As camp went on, that unrest became a restlessness.

When ever I said I was going home, it was like I was talking but the words had no inner strength backing the word… Like I was not convinced.

If this has ever happened to you, you will understand. You find yourself saying something but find your inner self asking if you are sure? What if that is not what God wants… (Let us gather for a selfie if you have been there before!)

But as a strong headed Girl, I still insisted, at this point I knew… My peace was at stake… So I did what I should have done before I chose what I wanted.

I sought the Lord.

So, here is me… I’m like ‘Dear God, how far with this Adamawa package now? What is going on?’

And then he gave his Word (no, I’m not sharing that one today). I knew I was to stay…

But I had so much going on, so much argument… He sent a timely friend my way, Bro Domshak will listen to me… I told him,
‘ Yes, he has given his word and I know I should stay… But, He has not answered my other questions…’
He will just smile at me, and say do the right thing (paraphrased).

My friend Domshak and I

Truth is I did not receive all the answers in Camp, but that Word he gave me was just what I needed to stay on track as it sponsored my service year.

As the days went by, I got answers, like God literally ticked off the list of questions.

The best thing that happened to me was that I allowed God disrupt my plans.

Are you confused? Saying things but knowing deep down that God is not sponsoring the thought or the words?

Best advice I have for you is to set time out and seek God’s face over the matter.

And when you know his will, let go of yours.

I know it may seem very hard for you, but will you let God disrupt and interrupt your plans?

He did for Saul and look what he made of him!

And when he sends right counsel your way through friends, then please listen.

His plans are well thought, wiser and more fulfilling.

This is not the end of #MyNyscTales

The following has been awesome, thank you for reading and commenting.

God bless you.

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