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Ask the average member of LAUTECH Class 16 and he or she will tell you that getting that Statement of Result was not Beans… In fact it was a troubling experience.

In my previous post, I told you I was to get it on Monday 16th, April abi… Well, Monday became Tuesday and grew into a full blown Wednesday 18th.

By the way, Camp was to open on Thursday 19th…

I did not get my SOR till past 5pm on Wednesday. Returned to Lagos on Thursday, Began my journey to Northeastern Nigeria on Friday… Arrived The Land of Beauty after 32hours around some minutes to 6pm on Saturday, 21st.

There was only one small problem. The portal for registration was closed by the time I got to the ICT booth.

We begged the officials thinking they were playing a fast one on us but they were also uncertain and confirmed the portal in other orientation camps were experiencing the same.

Long story short, I was scared thinking how will I come all the way to Adamawa and yet the portal will be closed… I kept praying to God to do something, and he did, on Sunday at about 2pm I was registered and became a white fowl.

Tomi on the day of Swearing as a Corps Member in April, 2018

(Now if you don’t know what a white fowl is… I’m not telling).

Someone asked for the difference between getting what I wanted and what I chose…
Well, watch out for tomorrow’s tale.


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