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(The Difference Between What I Chose and What I Wanted)

While registering for NYSC you get the opportunity of choosing 4 states… States you’d like to have your service year. You stand a chance of being posted to one of these states, well, I have seen some who got posted to states they didn’t choose.

I had no intention towards NYSC, never liked it, wasn’t interested.

So, to the states I chose…

  1. Ondo, intentionally chose this because it was the closest state home available.
  2. Kaduna, because it was a lifetime opportunity to spend a year Koinonia under AJS.
  3. Edo, randomly chosen because it was the closest after Ondo available

Now the state I actually chose as Number four was… You guessed right, Adamawa. And I chose her because there was redeployment option.

The difference as I have been asked to explain is that even though I chose Adamawa, I never wanted it (at least not to have my service year).

In fact, I never expected to get posted there because my immediate brother was serving there at that time… So, somehow… I reeeeeeallly hoped their ‘system’ will flag it.

I really wanted to be close home… I won’t bore you with my ‘justified’ reasons… Those who know me, know I’m a confirmed Daddy’s girl (I love you Daddy).

With this in mind, I travelled all the way to Adamawa to spend 21days in camp and find my way back home or close home (whatever)! I convinced everyone who cared to hear that I was redeploying…

Funny enough, a brother Bro Iyinoluwa Fajobi told me ‘Don’t be so sure, you may change your mind’

Trust me now, I said ‘No o, I have a lot to do at home. Even God knows I should be close home’
(Now, that I look back… I laugh at the smallness of my mind)

That said, I got to camp…

Then the whole mapped out strategy didn’t look so perfect anymore. What changed?

Find out in the next episode of #MyNyscTales

By the way, if you are out there also writing your NYSC Tales, don’t forget to tag me.

Thank you for following… Stay tuned.

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