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7 Simple Ways to Show Kindness

I learnt a profound lesson about Kindness on Saturday, 23rd February 2019. It was the day slated for Presidential elections.

As expecetd all serving Corp members get the privilege to serve with the conducting body, INEC as ad hoc staff. This opportunity is optional, I chose not to participate though a lot of people except my immediate family were aware that I was not participating.

Officially, by evening… Counting of votes or collation of results should be done or ongoing. Well, just about that time, I received a phone call, from my friend…

She said “Hi Tomi, are you home? Hope you are safe and back from your electoral duties”

I responded that I was at home.

She said she was checking all her NYS friends to make sure they were alright.

I was greatly inspired by that one gesture. It got me thinking…

Even though I was already expecting of my friends…
And as at that time only two people had returned home from their electoral duties.

I became aware that I could call to check on them. And so I began to call some of NYSC friends both in Adamawa and out…

Some picked, some phones were low on battery, some couldn’t talk, some tense… Even at pass midnight, they were trying to find vehicles, make their way home…

I prayed for them.

Another sister called me to check on me after my friend did… And we had not spoken in months.

I am grateful for my friends and family. I am more glad to be someone’s friend and family.

It was like a reunion seeing my brothers and sisters upon their return to the Family house.
I learnt that kindness can open the door to be kind or as my friend puts it, Kindness can help you become creatively kind. As I received kindness, I gave out kindness… And it was not about getting anything in return.

The truth is Olanike Timipa-Uge (Mrs.) and Abiola Awoniyi’s kindness prompted me to be kind to others.

Kindness is like a chain reaction. Experience it and pass it on. But you don’t have to experience it to pass it on.

So I thought to share 7 simple acts of kindness you can do right away;

  1. Make a call to someone, check on their welfare.
  2. Offer help or assistance, you can ask in which area they need help
  3. Buy a gift for someone, you don’t have to wait for birthdays or an anniversary.
  4. Don’t forget to smile at someone
  5. Provide your shoulder for another to lean on… Do not be too quick to make judgements. Listen and speak kindly.
  6. Provide a meal for the hungry
  7. Do some chores that are not your direct responsibility.

The truth is the list of kind acts is endless and you only get to see the list if you begin to look beyond yourself.

So What act of kindness has touched you recently?
How will you be kind today?☺ kindly share with us in the comment section.

It does not matter so much if they can repay us. It matters that we help others experience kindness and by so doing, inspire them to be kind.

I love you all,

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2 thoughts on “7 Simple Ways to Show Kindness

  1. Wow its beautiful Ma..
    Kindness is a seed, it always finds it way back to the one that has given even if it does take a while..
    I remembered buying coke for some of the corp members in Demsa and you know on the day before the election with the stress, hunger and all, each and every one of them wanted to get me something, they kept asking if I was OK as if we were not in the same shoe then I realized no little act of kindness is a waste.. It always speaks.

  2. No. 7 on the list is one thing i have often time found myself doing, it has brought me favour beyond my thinking. Everything is pure and worthy of note in the article. Thanks Tomi for sharing.

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