Teenage Memories: Gist From My Sweet Sixteen

As a teenager, I had plans…
Who wouldn’t growing up in a household with Christian and moral values.

Ten years ago, I was sixteen. I knew I had to complete my secondary school education to get the freedom I craved for.

One of such freedom, was the freedom to date… We had a standing rule at home to have no boyfriend till a particular age… So dating in Secondary school was out of the question.

I didn’t plan to be promiscuous. But, after reading a good number of romance novels, my heart was ready to explore.

I had plans to find Prince Charming (one way or another).

And by that plan, I was prepared for a couple of heartbreaks.

I remember a conversation I had with friends then about us dating, breaking up, getting drunk and having hangovers by morning.

It seemed like a normal thing. It amazes me how at that time I was so excited about it.

What I have not mentioned is that my ideology about relationships had been shaped by novels I read.

The typical storyline was meet a guy, like the guy, date the guy, probably sleep with him, still interested? Continue.

Not interested, break up. ?

It is amazing how we often do not know it but we are shaped by what we read and expose ourselves to

It is more amusing how you can be in a particular junction and not even think about the next phase, so we end up making random decisions shortsightedly.

Ten years and no hangover later, I can look back and say I am grateful for
the saving hands of God that sort me just in time to save me from such actions. Likewise, I am forever grateful my parents devoted themselves to offering me Christian and moral upbringing.

However these two factors i.e. God and my parents were effective because

  1. I had to change the kind of books and materials I read knowing fully well that whether I liked or not they shaped my thinking.
  2. I learnt to prioritize what really matters e.g. Temporary pleasure over fulfilment. Based on what I wanted to achieve with my life.

A lot of things change as we look grow up and mature in mind. For me, one of those things was my concept of love and relationships.

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted “happily ever after” but I was prepared to go about it the way I knew then.

The way I knew was sponsored by what I knew and what I knew was a result of what I had been reading.

I was going to do a simple post reflecting on the last ten years but I guess I have to ask you…

What are you reading or not reading?

I did an article for a group recently on Reasons why we should read. I hope to share it on the blog soon.

Ten years from now we trust God for greater testimonies and in the mean time, we must work and enjoy the process.

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