How to Achieve Your 2019 Goals and Beyond

Why People Don’t Achieve their Goals (Series alert, not so long… Totally worth your time)

Have you set goals in time past and not achieved them? Have you set your 2019 goals and are beginning to get skeptical about whether they can be achieved or not?

Worry no more, I will be sharing time tested life hacks (tips actually) on how to turn those goals into a reality. The plus side is they not only work for new years but for any form of goal setting

Now we all know in this season, there will be resolutions, goals, dreams, plans, words etc… Beyond just saying them out loud and sharing them from person to people, these hacks will help you turn them into a reality.

  1. Clearly Defined Goals
    If you are going to acheive your goals then it means your goals must be clearly stated out.

It is important you know what you want and where you are going… Else as they say, every bus stop will seem like it.

To define your goals, you should answer a few questions…

a. What do you plan to achieve this year, month or day?

b. What lessons did you learn last year and how do they affect this year?

c. Are your goals worth the chase?

d. What word do you have from the Lord about the year?

e. What is your driving force or target?

From Personal experience and observation, it works to have goals defined for various aspects of one’s life.

E.g. Spiritually, financially, socially, mentally, academic or career wise, etc.

(by the way, if you are serious about this you will be doing a lot of writing and acting)

Your goals should be SMART

Time Bound

I must emphasize that your goals are about you. Not about out doing another person.

Life is not a competition ?.
Hence, the target is a better you, a growing you, a motivated you, a beautiful you, ☺

Assignment for today
Write out your clearly defined goals in a journal… You can use the model I mentioned earlier naming two goals to achieve in each area.

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