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10 Plus 1 Benefits of Journaling

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Been offline for a couple days, I totally apologise for the interruption in our Joy of Journaling series. My phone screen developed fault and is now blank so I can’t access it.

On a bright note however, happy new month folks! I wish you an abundant December where you will not know lack.

In this series, I will be sharing some of the joys of journaling. The amazing benefits that will keep you addicted to keeping a journal.

Joys of Journaling

1. Journaling Gives You A Progress Report
Your journal is like a cumulative sheet that contains the happenings in your life hence, it could be to you a form of Progress report. With your journal, you can monitor your growth and also compare your life experiences.

2. Journaling Increases Your Self-Awareness
Many people lack emotional intelligence and don’t even know themselves. Journaling will help you know yourself, own your feelings.

3. Journaling Could Be Likened To Life’s Script
Just like I shared in My Greatest Discovery About Journaling, journaling is like the act of scriptwriting a movie. It is amazing to write a goal down and six months down the line, it is no longer a goal but now a reality. Take time to craft that life you desire in to your journal.

4. Journaling Aids Remembrance
Do you know that you tend to remember things written down seven times more than what you read? Also, writing has a way of making whatever thoughts you are putting down sink within you, such that it strengthens your conviction and shapes the thinking.

5. Journaling Helps In Decluttering The Mind
I don’t know about you, but once my mind is full, I find it hard to function optimally or focus. So what do I do? I simply start writing about the things on my mind. Everything till I feel light again. Do you know journaling can help you declutter your mind? (Try this whenever you feel stressed, disturbed etc.)

6. Journaling Helps Reflection
Since you get to think before writing, you will become better at reflecting over matters. You will learn to Focus, pay attention to details and see things from different points of views. One way to learn focus and not be distracted is to scribble thoughts down as they come while you continue with whatever thoughts were already on your mind. You may attend to the thoughts if they are urgent and important else, you visit them when you have finished the relevant tasks.

7. With Journaling You will Learn and Enjoy Solitude
To journal effectively requires that you remain quiet and present. Hence the need for solitudes, but in a day like ours where people have all the gadget and technology, solitude must be cultivated. To embrace the healthy lifestyle of solitude, pick your journal and pen, and drop your gadgets, find a quiet place and write your thoughts out.

8. As You Journal, You Become Better At Writing
So maybe you are aspiring to be Shakespeare or once you start keeping a journal, you begin a journey in the art of writing and with every entry there is a higher tendency you are better at writing.

9. Journaling Is Good for Mood Improvement And Stress Management
Journaling is a great companion when your emotions are in turmoil. Writing will help you sort out feelings and facts, thoughts and truth, can boost your mood, and can help you manage stress. I read recently about a journal cancer patients keep to help them along their time of illness. So maybe you are bothered or unclear over an issue. Once you start writing, you are able to put your emotions in perspective.

10. Journaling Opens You Up To Inspiration
Perhaps this is one of my favourites how that penning a thought down can lead to several other thoughts. As you keep journals, you welcome a free flow of ideas.

11. A plus I found as I began this series is that Journaling Has Health Benefits such as helping the heart rate, allows sleep and rest e.t.c

There you have it… 10+1 benefits of Journaling. With this, we have come to the end of this series. Thank you for following! 

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