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My Greatest Discovery About Journaling

For several years, I have practised the habit of journaling. It took a while then I made discovery; profound, to say the least. Only to confirm later from external sources that it was not just me, as some really cool people share the mutual experiences with me…

Perhaps, it explains why I am a one who journals and advocates journaling as a productivity tool.

From time to time, I’d go back and read portions of my journals. Different reasons actually prompt this task such as boredom, a bout of writer’s block, need a little bit of motivation, ginger, or simply looking for information I must have put in earlier.

Whilst reading the journals, I began to notice a trend. I’d find that some of the things I’d written had come to pass i.e. become my reality. This has happened so many times, it got me curious. As I thought over it, I realized that there was an element of the fruit and seed principle which can give insight to journaling.

Fruit Element
Journaling can be likened to writing the script of a movie. Actors play according to scripts, right? The same goes, my life often takes after what I have written in my journals. (In fact, it makes me very careful about writing negatively).
I can safely say that whatever is written has a great tendency to happen, one major reason will be the fact writing things down have a way of deepening conviction towards such matters.

Now, we know that fruits contain seeds by which the human folk are able to multiply the production of such fruit.


Seed Element

Having learnt that my writing yields fruits i.e. become reality. I began to plant intentionally. I can consciously create my reality by first scripting it and reap the fruit later. I plant the words in my books, read them and reread them and most importantly, act on them.

Quick note…

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In my next blog which comes up tomorrow, I will share some myths and facts about journaling. Stay tuned.

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