Diligent Hands Rule

During the sendforth program for our Batch B brethren at one of our Bible Study centres, the brethren shared their Adamawa experiences. How God used the journey to mould them and bring out virtues in them.

A brother made a striking statement, he said “I arrived the land with a meager amount of #1,500… But learnt very quickly that God doesn’t bless empty hands.”

No wonder bible says, “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.” Prov. 10:4




So folks, I’m working on a project. People desire to live a successful life but most times, it seems something is holding them back. What that something is is often many things…

I need your help to unravel this and make this project make it a success, share your view with me by filling this form

I hope to fill you in on the project asap!



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