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The Right Way to Locate your Green Pastures

Today, I will share a secret with you.

Everyone is in search of green or even greener pastures. And that’s fine. I mean who wouldn’t want to leave a pit of miry clay for his feet to be planted on the solid rock.

It is a good aspiration! A great pursuit and if you find it (i.e. your green pasture), then a blessed accomplishment.

Yet, as humans, we stumble on a lot of things because of our limited knowledge.
We make mistakes because we assume we know exactly what we are looking for.

Most commonly, we think Green pasture is first about the characteristics of a geographical location. Of course, a green pasture must translate to a geographic location, I mean we are human and we definitely do not live in the atmosphere

That said, we quick to conclude based on the physical properties evident in a location e.g. like the influx of population, the economy, the social class of people present, etc

We forget even more quickly that not all soils are suitable for every seed. How sad! So we find that the seed is being planted on the same soil over and again but yields nothing at all.

Here is the secret,
The knowledge of green pastures is a function of something more than the mental understanding of man. It is subjected to the insight from the Holy One for he makes men lie in green pastures…

This therefore translates to the fact that each man must depend on the Holy One to receive the knowledge of where his green pastures is (per time).

He makes me lie down in [fresh, tender] green pastures; He leads me beside the still and restful waters. Psalm 23:2 (Amp).


My green pastures

It is a great day to be alive!
Pictures were taken by my lovely sister Yemmie in the Nccf Adamawa State Family House.
Artworks by Jabie Horns


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