My Personal Struggle With Inertia

When it comes to writing, I struggle at times.
My struggles come mainly from the task of writing itself and seldom what to write. Even when I know what to write, I almost do not feel like writing; I mean putting the pen to paper or fingers to the keypad. I’d scribble my thoughts down on some occasions and discard it for lack of delivery of my exact thoughts and intents. Writing can be a chore!

There are times I almost do not feel like writing, yet I must!

It has been a while I posted here, basically for the above stated reason… I ask for your attention as you read and fish out the message I’m trying to pass across.
You know, this past September, I began to examine Big Little Things that are sum up to overall meaningfulness of life. The things that could either make or mar a man’s journey; the little things that make up for an intentional life.

I continued at it for days posting on my Whatsapp status and Facebook timeline the Big Little things. Of them all I think my personal struggle was this issue of Overcoming Inertia. By the way, Inertia can be defined as the reluctance of a body to move while at rest or resistance towards action .
It is not a personal favourite but it soon a matter in my heart as I practically observed ways in my life by which inertia played out… Below are a few I noticed
1. Perfectionism: when I desire to do something but I want it to be so perfect I don’t start at all… but keep having imaginations of how perfect it will be in my head.
2. Indecision: when I’m in-between several options and just do not make a choice at the right time
3. Fear: that subtle feeling or voice that keeps saying “Don’t bother to try? Do you know what can come out of it?”

So far what has worked for me is making a conscious decision to act however imperfectly, to be decisive and most importantly, I have refused to live a life of regrets. No longer will I live in the present telling myself it would have been better if I had at least tried in the past or keep wondering what the outcome would have been if I tried.

There are blog posts I should have written yesterday but I just didn’t … no excuse at all. Examples are, August was amazing for me, I worked at an Education Centre in Yola during the Summer Lessons and September, I became a Female and More Enabler (full gist in my next blog post)
…the most important lesson I have picked in the past months is this that as human beings, as Tomi I am a Value Adder. This means two things, first, since it is who I am, I can’t help but dispense value at all times such that whatever springs forth from me should be of value and secondly, humans need the value I have to offer, I owe them that much to keep dispensing value to them.

Let me close up on this note, this has become my mantra, my motivation as I overcome inertia on a daily: “You are a value adder; that is who you are and people need you. Do not deny yourself the right to be you. Do not deny people the value they should get from you.”

My gracious readers, I’d love to hear from you, do you experience inertia? What works for you? Please share in the comment box.

See you next time with My Female and More story… and don’t forget you are a value adder!
Warm regards,


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