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10 NYSC Camp Essentials

Hi there!
If you are reading this post, I believe you are a prospective corp member or have a corp member you’d love to enjoy his camp experience. Congratulations on this great call to Serve Nigeria.

Going to camp comes with mixed emotions regarding posting, what to take along and the likes.  I just thought to share on a few essentials for camp. So let’s jump right into it

1. Contrary to the posts that go around, you do not need
a. 32 passport photographs (while I made 32, I dint use up to 10 in camp however, I still find them useful plus the cost price was just about #600)
b. You don’t need 15 copies each of all your documents. My honest opinion, 5 is enough. The documents include

i. Call up letter
ii. Green card
iii. Medical Fitness certificate
iv. Statement of result or certificate
v.  School ID Card

2. Personal effects like books (1 or 2), a journal, bible, pen, devotionals, torchlight

3. Take enough cash. But hey, it boils down to management so I’m not naming exact amounts to take along. Allowances will be given during your camp days, transport and bicycle allowances respectively… Don’t be too eager to spend your money. (hehehe, guys especially)

4. Provisions when packing things needed for camp esp on a low budget, go for essentials… Like, milk, garri, sugar, detergent, sanitary products, groundnuts, toiletries… Prioritize such that you buy what you need. This will save you from unnecessary expenses at the mammy market

5. A water bottle. I used a flask during my days on camp to store chilled water and drink up because Adamawa Sun is gbam! Do all you can to stay hydrated.

7. Cooler and cutleries, buckets (can be bought in Mammy but could be overpriced).

8. You certainly do not need tippex (cleaning fluid), staplers, except you are a stationary junkie. You need a marker however to mark all your items.

9. Mosquito nets, bedspread, pegs, white rubber shoes.

10. Sunshades, casual wears, 3-4 white T-shirts and 2 knickers, 2pairs of socks. (NYSC will give you these items about 2 each but they may not be enough).

Was this post helpful? I’d like to hear from you in the comment section.
Feel free to add items I may have skipped.
Is there any question you’d like me to answer? Leave it in the comment section. And answers will be provided by those who have been through this journey and me.

By Tuesday, I will be sharing in a blog post  on how to make the most of camp experience. So, stay tuned.

Nigeria is ours, Nigeria we serve!

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