3 Lessons from the Ostrich Next Door


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Just across the window of my room is a lovely view. Who wouldn’t love that?

The compound next to ours is quite large but that is not the highlight. The landlord is an animal lover (I like to think more of a collector). He has several kinds of animals like hares, a tortoise (so I heard), peacocks, rams, ducks, other birds and an Ostrich.

Of course, the head turner for me as at when I moved into my apartment weeks ago was the Ostrich.
My reason?
Simple, it was my first time of seeing a real life ostrich (hehehe)

An Ostrich

Ironically, I wouldn’t say it is an attractive bird but it has some really interesting features;
Long legs,
Wide wings,
Huge eyes and Long neck,
Bald head (not particularly a turn on)…

Unfortunately, it shocked me that of all the animals in that compound, it is seemed to be the most free yet it is caged.
Even though there are no physical cage structures in place for it. The Ostrich is stuck in a mental cage!

I’d explain what I mean,

You see, the portion of the compound that houses the ostrich and a few of the other animals is about a fifth of the entire compound. Though partitioned by a wall with only a pedestrian gate. The ostrich just stands at this gate several times during the day and stares out into the four of five portion of the compound.

Sadly, she never steps into the other side!

Even though there is obviously a fascination and wonder of what exactly is happening on the other side…
Time and time again, she stands with her long neck peeping.

Here are three lessons learnt so far, as I observe some parallels between the Ostrich and some humans..

1. That have become so accustomed to where they are that they make no move from their cage. They have wide wings but have refused to fly out of unpalatable situations.

2. That they yearn for more but just stand at the edge gawking at their dreams and wishing without taking the necessary actions to sponsor their desires.
The huge eyes that give a broad range of vision, as I learnt from an article (link below), Ostriches are inquisitive and nothing escapes their view.
Wouldn’t it be great to not just see but act?
To not just desire but take respective steps?

Yet it remains as a thought leader once said “The Eyes are useless if the Mind is blind.”

3. That it is okay to launch out even if you are uncertain of the next phase because baby steps are very important. And those baby steps eventually become giant strides. Long legs are not enough… They should be used to cross borders, to explore and most importantly to express one’s desire to be more!

The other day, rain fell so hard and the ostrich just curled herself on the grass as the other animals sought for shelter.

And I could only imagine her, like the multitude that will sit in the pit (of despair, stagnation and frustrations) grumbling and complaining but will ignore all possible calls to action.

They know they do not like where they are but also refuse to change their narrative.

Whatever you do, Do not be that Ostrich!

To an intentional us,

P.S: It’s been a while folks… Been settling down into a new phase. And somewhere in between procrastination and inconsistency, I decided to be wake up and launch out!

For more facts about Ostriches, here are quick links

The Eye of the Ostrich

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