Omolabake (Epilogue)


Omolabake: A Tale of Two Fathers!

2 Years Later
“Congratulations once again, Gideon. I am happy for you” Morinsola said.
“I’m so honoured that you could be a part of our day” Gideon replied as he and Omolabake escorted Morinsola and Lekan out of the event’s center towards the car park area.
“Even I couldn’t have convinced her to be absent” Lekan, Morinsola’s husband put in.
They arrived at Lekan’s Toyota Venza. she embraced Gideon, her belly brushed against his suit “Congratulations are also in order on your side too” Her well rounded tummy did not hide the fact that she was few weeks away from the delivery room.
“I hope he’s a Little Gideon over there” Morinsola giggled. Omolabake rolled her eyes.
“We have decide not to reveal our baby’s sex till he or she arrives” She smiled up at Lekan.
“Or they!” Lekan teased.
All of them laughed.
Omolabake hugged Morinsola and bent towards her friend’s baby bump.
“Now, Baby Labake, do not trouble mummy with those feisty kicks” She said. Morinsola giggled.
Omolabake hugged Lekan also, “Glad you came. Drive safely”
After Morinsola had sat, he shook Gideon’s hand. “Congratulations on the launch of you offline Magazine, Man. I believe your works will go places and keep blessing lives. We got fifty copies of the Magazines and will get in touch for more, hopefully.”
“Wow. Thank you so much and amen to all your prayers. Amen”

As Lekan drove off, Gideon walked Morinsola to her car. Michael approached them and asked “All set?”
Gideon placed his hand by his chest pocket of his suit and replied “All set.”
“Bye Labake” Michael waved at her and left.
They soon got to her car, “So, I thought of giving you something to celebrate this special occasion” Omolabake opened the car,
“Oh, you shouldn’t have bothered” Gideon remarked
“No, I really wanted to” She looked at him “But nothing came to mind”
“Great” He smiled
“So I got you this” She leaned into the car and brought out a bouquet of white roses
Gideon gasped. “A bouquet?”
“Yep” She feigned a serious act.
“I don’t want it” He pouted
She pouted also “But it is rude to reject gift from well-meaning givers”
“Is that right?” He asked He pulled out a stem of rose and placed it behind her left ear.
She nodded.
He studied her face “Perfect.” He said.

They were quiet for a while.
“Wat do you think about we getting married?” He asked the question that had been on his mind.
Omolabake smiled at him “Sounds like a pretty good idea.”
“I take that as a yes, to my proposal” Gideon’s eye twinkled with mischief.
She walked away from him. “Which kind yes? You haven’t made any proposal”
Gideon frowned, “I have not?”
Omolabake shook her head.
“Oh, I must quickly correct that” He put his hand into the pocket he had patted earlier while talking to Michael and brought out a neatly folded paper.
He looked around the empty parking lot, the setting sun set the scene just right. His gaze rested on her. “Labake, humor me, the writer in me got really excited in taking on this mission.”
He looked at the paper and started reading
“It’s been two years, eight months, two weeks and a day since I first set my eyes on you. And truth be told, I did not like you for a start…”
She gasped.
“Yep, that’s right. You never made it easy either.”
She grumbled “I was not that bad”
He looked up “Oh, you were… And please don’t disturb a brother as he tries to get some words out”
She rolled her eyes. He faced the paper and continued reading
“My staying at the job was not out of desperation neither was it by my own strength. I stayed only because I was curious to know exactly what my Father had in mind when he allowed that awkward job position my way.
Till I met the real you, girl. I promise I dint drool but you were indeed breathtaking.” He looked at her, smiled “Okay, literally.”
She giggled “Stop it”
He read on “I must confess; I was told on several occasions by the Lord to pay attention… not to your beauty but to the earnest cry of your heart. Only then did it occur to me why I was sent your way. After several confrontations a slap.”
He looked at her, “I wouldn’t call that a hard time but you became my sister in Christ… So it was worth it, slaps and all… I’m looking at the big picture, sis!” He winked at her.
“I have seen you grow these past months and I must say, that it is a good thing it’s no competition because your love for Jesus has taken my breath away, please don’t wake me.”
“Awn” She said and dabbed her tears with the back of her right thumb. He stretched a handkerchief towards her.
“And so, I’m asking that you let me proceed on my next assignment. Only this time, I need your approval and partnership. To have and to hold you, to treasure and cherish you. To always be there to give you my handkerchief every time you get teary eyed because you do that a lot. To have you as my friend, confidant and companion. And of course to have a house full of little yous and little mes, does little us sound better?”
He folded the paper and looked at her
Omolabake, I love you and I’d love to marry you, spend the rest of my life with you by my side, as we do all tasks assigned us by the Father”
She took the paper from him. “Somehow, I’m short on sarcasm.” She smiled “But then again, a sister should pray about weighty matters as these, shouldn’t they Pastor?”
Gideon sighed. “Definitely. You should.”
“I thought so too” Omolabake smiled. She had been hinted all along by her Father.
“So, how long are we looking at?”
“Well, let’s say between now and six months.”
Gideon smiled. “Or even longer right?”
She shrugged.
“Okay, take you time” He glanced at his watch. “We have been standing for too long, aren’t you hungry?” He asked
“I am.”
“I heard the events centre runs a cafeteria. Wanna try?”
“Oh, really? Let’s see what they have.”
“We can walk over there” He said
She locked the car and they walked in silence.
“So what do we go for? Society or Destination wedding?” Omolabake asked
Gideon stopped in his tracks and looked at her. “I take that as a Yes”
She groaned “You keep hearing yes and I haven’t even given an official yes”
“Oh please! What is an official yes?” He took her right hand and tucked it into his left elbow. “We are getting married!”
“Are we?”
“Sure we are” Gideon continued walking. “You have given Official yes”
“you play too much” She said
“You are worse than I am.” Gideon replied as they walked off into the dark night.

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Happy Easter Fam!

I hope the delay was worth it… I apologize for coming at this time, I did not forget you and I promise I was not eating Chicken Periperi…

The good news is there will be another Season of Omolabake coming up in a couple of months. The first installment (Omolabake: A tale of two fathers) has just ended so, I want you to keep your fingers crossed as you wait.
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My deepest appreciation goes to three wonderful ladies who typed Omolabake for me… Abiola Adamo, Abiodun Okunade and Jolla Okunrounmu. And also I appreciate Seyi Olagunju, my graphics designer for working closely with me. Everyone reading, my love for you simply overflows.

In a few weeks, the book will be available as an ebook for sale. More word will come on this but promise me you will tell people why they have to read it. If you’d like to write what you think about Omolabake, as your endorsement will be put on the book then reach me lutomiokuns@gmail.com

I must say that I never planned the way this story will go and I count it as more than a coincidence that it was delivered during Easter season because the very essence of this theme A tale of Two Fathers is that men will know of the Father who longs to spread his garment of love over them

So, here is what you can do… Get the word out and tell someone today that Jesus loves him or her.

Happy Easter,
Lutomi Modesola.


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  • Arinze

    I am soooo impressed. Nice one Tomi! more grace to your pen God bless you…
    I wanted it to end like this but I didn’t know it would be so touching

  • Sarah

    So glad I did not miss this at all….
    And I love the wordings of Gideon’s proposal
    Happy for the healing of morinsola as well

    Now grannyO was right

  • Esther Ogundare

    Great story with great insight
    “We feel the God’s healing love in so much pain”
    Truly I can relate……. wonder working Father!

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