Omolabake Episode 14

Episode 14

“How is Granny O doing?” Michael stepped out of the bathroom dressed in his flannel pajamas. Gideon lay on the bed facing the ceiling.
“Better, I guess. Though the Doctor requested she undergoes a couple of tests” Gideon replied as he pulled the duvet close to his chin.
Michael sat on the other side of the bed. “Turns out you got more than you bargained for when you took the job.”
“That’s right… I could never have imagined any of these” Gideon said.
Michael scoffed, “You know, I’d have thought you crazy if I didn’t believe God speaks, not to talk of leads his children”
“Yeah, I know… I would have thought me crazy myself if I didn’t have my life sold out to God.” Gideon replied.
“It’s a beautiful place to be you know, where you can trust God.”
“Sure is, brother!” Gideon put off his bed side lamp. After a while he spoke out. “You know the strangest thing happened at the hospital yesterday…”
“What’s that?”
“Granny O said ‘Gideon, you are good for Omolabake.’”
“Wow, is that so?”
“Yep, she’s an old timer in faith. She said she prayed for my arrival”
“That’s possible… Nothing happens except the children of God pray; things are set in motion when they pray.” Michael lay on his side of the bed. “So when are you asking her to marry you?”
Gideon put on his bedside lamp and looked at his friend. “Oh Michael, who talked about marriage? My assignment has been clear from day one. She needs Jesus more than she needs me. You know, even after I left the job, I never stopped praying for Omolabake’s salvation”
“Well, I think it may be sooner than you expect. In fact, with this one that you are back together”
Michael winked.
“Sweet dreams, Mike.” Gideon turned off the lamp.


Lekan sat at the bar. He took a swig of his whiskey. He had come in again tonight. After closing early from work. He’d rather get home at midnight when she was asleep, he couldn’t bear to be close to Morinsola. He tried to take another swig. But his hand was stopped mid-air.
“Lekan, you can’t continue like this. Talk to me, what happened? Did you lose your job?” His friend, Bayo took the tumbler from his hand. Twenty minutes or so was gone and Bayo was even more confused than he had been when he first received Lekan’s text asking they meet him at a bar.
“We both know you’re not a drunk so what exactly is going on? Is it about your job, surely you have not spoken with your wife, Morinsola?” Bayo prodded.
“She betrayed me” Lekan whispered
“What do you mean?”
“She lied to me!” Lekan banged the table with his fists. He stretched his hand to take the tumbler of whiskey but instead Bayo gave him his own glass of water
“Lekan, can you say what exactly happened and stop me from imagining all sorts”
“She has a child somewhere outside.” Lekan explained the turn of events.
Bayo drank some of his water. “That’s serious! You mean she never mentioned it all these years?”
Lekan shook his head. “She never did. Not even by mistake.” He laughed a bitter laugh.
“And you never suspected?”
“Why would I suspect that my fiancée has a child outside?”
“I don’t know…” Bayo shrugged “You mean, no telltale signs even during courtship?”
Lekan shook his head. “Now that I think of it I tried to reason that it was possibly this reason she insisted that she didn’t want children.”
“And you accepted that!” Bayo screamed.
“Well, I felt which woman wouldn’t want children. My wife is a sweet woman she’d come around. Then again, I was pursuing my career and I got a scholarship to study in Aberdeen so I said just said we wait for the first few years before birthing babies. I didn’t want to be absent when my children were being raised.”
Bayo stared at him “Of course, she agreed”
“I know it sounds stupid but I love her so much. I see my wrong for not digging deep… I mean, what was I thinking?” Lekan dragged his palm over his face. “It would have been much better if she told me from the onset, perhaps she’d have gotten the counseling she needed or something. But now, I don’t know…”
“Shhh” Bayo took his chin and looked him in the eye. “First, Lekan you can’t continue running away by drinking all these stuff. Are you listening?”
Lekan nodded. Bayo released his chin.
“I know it is hard but you have to forgive her, pray for her and face her. We both know that lady loves you, I’m not justifying her actions but you have to talk with her. And forgive her just as you we were.”


“Just admit it, you are a foodie…” Omolabake giggled.
They were at the eatery close to the hospital. They sat at the booth with the road view. Over the past week, it had become their spot, they ate lunch there before she took over watching GrannyO for the night. They had just finished their meal of Ofada rice, ayamashe and dodo. Gideon had placed the orders ahead of their arrival.
“Oh well, you can say that but my food really is to do my Father’s will.”
“You sure love your Father a lot” Omolabake smiled.
“I do. We should head back.” he pointed his hand in the direction of the hospital.
“Aunt Bunmi will be fine… Moreover, Granny O is sleeping”
“Sure…” He smiled.
A waiter cleared the table.
“Thank you” They both mutter simultaneously as he took his leave.
“Tell me about your Father, Gideon.” Omolabake looked at Gideon.
“Of course, you know my Father is God.” He laughed. “I was sixteen when I met Him. I’d lost my dad the at fourteen, and was fast becoming a tout. Till the landlord of the apartment my family stayed in took me under his wings. I feared him only because I didn’t want him to kick us out.”
Omolabake paid rapt attention.
“One vacation, he insisted I go to a One week Sunday school camp with his children. I obliged him because my mother was late on our rent and I didn’t want us to be kicked out. I had issues with God, lots of issues… Why wasn’t I born into a wealthy family? Did my father really have to die? Several others, plus I wasn’t doing well in school.
First two days of the camp, everything they did bounced off me. I just wanted to go home. Well, till we had a message on Gideon in the bible. I learnt that day that God was aware of all that was going on with Gideon even in his fears, hiding and defeat. Just as he was of me. It was amazing knowing that the very God who I thought to not care at all actually loves me. He wasn’t happy I was going through so much pain and wanted me to experience His healing love.
I surrendered my life to him that day. I returned back home changed, our Landlord was elated. He brought me up in the way of the Lord.
God is so full of love. Omolabake, He loves you also. Not just because you are my friend. But long before I ever knew you or you were born. He loves you so much that he longs to be your father, to shower compassion on you.”
She scoffed “If he loves me so much, then why did he give me such a father? Why did my mother and brother die? Does he ever consider how I feel? How is that even possible that he loves me?”
Gideon paused “Omolabake, humans make decisions. That’s what makes us Human beings, that we can make choices. I can’t tell why your mom and little brother had to go so soon but I can tell you that he considers how you feel all the time. But his counsel and desires for you surpass how you feel. It pains his heart every time we experience pain and hurt.”
He took her hand.
“It’s not just possible, he already showed his love for you. You know, he sent my Lord Jesus to die for mankind, to save us all from sin and to make us right with Him. It was his love for you, for me, for us… that led him to make such an extravagant sacrifice.”
“If all you are saying is true, all I have to do is go to church, and keep His commands and join a unit or something and we are good, right?”
“No dear, he may require these things at some point but that’s not what he is asking you.”
He brought out his phone and clicked the icon of his bible. Searched for John chapter three verse sixteen. He read aloud “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life”
“He gave His son to die for the sins of mankind and He raised Him back to life. That is how He gave us access to Him. He needs you to believe that He loves you, loves you enough to save you. Loves you with a passionate undying love.”
“Only Believe?” She blinked.
“It’s amazing right? We think we have to do many things to get into God’s good books. Whereas, all He requires is that we believe with our hearts and confess with our mouths. That is Romans chapter ten verse nine and ten. Things we do are only acceptable when we are right with Him.”
Omolabake wiped the tears off the side of her eyes. “Gideon, I believe in my heart that God loves me. I desire what you have. I’d love to have Jesus as my Savior and Lord.”

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It is truly amazing, Dear, that all the father requires from us is to believe that Jesus died for our sins and resurrected to give us a new life. So simple, so profound.
Are you there and would love to experience the Love that the Lord has to offer?

It is as simple as believing with your heart and confessing the Lord Jesus as your Lord. You can do it right now,
Just pray this simple prayer…

Lord Jesus, thank you for dying for me. Thank you for your love. Forgive me for the live of sin I have previously lived. Today, I accept your love and confess you as my Lord and Saviour. Thank you Jesus for saving me!
Congratulations friend, you just made the best decision you’d ever make. Reach out to me via my mail lutomiokuns@gmail.com or we can chat via Whatsapp, simply click the Whatsapp icon at the bottom right of your screen.

Are you an “Old timer” in Faith, kindly pray that others will see Jesus in You. And you will always be a channel drawing men to God.
God bless you!

Your friend,
Lutomi Modesola.

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  • Invictus Collections

    Even harden heart can be soften when encountered, just like Paul’s… So she can be calm to listen to the truth and even admitted she desire more.
    Hmm!, Omolabake!, foreknown, predestined, now called, even to be justified n looking forward to glorification… Thank God for the provision (Granny O and then Alagba Gideon)
    God please compass us roundabout with righteous people, that will help our destiny.

  • Oladipo Adewumi Ebenezer

    It is so sweet to know that God has everyone in his thought. Glory be to God Omolabake is saved. Its time for YOU and I. More grace Lutomi. God bless you ma

  • Jamal


    How many drivers (sons and daughters of God) still do this?

    Leading souls to Christ ?

    How many of us “well employed”, still do this?
    Leading souls to Christ?

    How many “unemployed” among us still do this?
    Lead souls to Christ?

    God Bless Baba landlord. In it all, God used late rent payment to work out His divine plan… Every disappointment Gideon’s mum faced while trying to raise the rent yet failed… They were all orchestrated to meet divine planning. That is deep.

    Lekan, I can understand your frustration?
    Man, I tell you, just like Bayo said. Please Go back home to Morin. May your home be sweet again. I love you guys…


    What a son you are…

    Thank you Oluwatomilola .
    This story is a piece of many great works to come..
    You are a darling and I believe so much in you and yours works.
    Keep it up dear.

    Better is the end of a thing than it’s beginning thereof.
    Really looking forward to friday…
    Indeed you deserve to own http://www.correctwriter.com (smiles)

    • Lutomi Modesola

      Yes, indeed He works everything out for good according to his purposes… Those who love him and are called by him totally get this.

      Thank you JamJam

  • Beeday

    This struck me…. “Things we do are only acceptable when we are right with Him.”

    Beautiful fiction story. Great work sis

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