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Omolabake Episode 12

Omolabake Episode 12

Episode 12

Morinsola sat by Lekan on the large cane chair in the veranda. She wiped off the fading red paint on her toe nails with nail vanish “She decided to drive herself. Ever since Gideon left, she wouldn’t let anyone drive her. And trust me, not even her father can convince her otherwise.”
“I see” Lekan continued his candy crush game. He echoed the sound as his swiped his striped candy “Tasty, the boy must be special”
“Special? He certainly is! She was human while he was around. Now, she hardly even notices people in the office.” She brought out two shades of blue paint from her paint bag. She paused to decide which to use. “Lekan, I have tried all I can in these past three months”
He didn’t look up “And you are sure there was nothing between them?” her husband raised his eye brow.
“Haba, sure now. Is she not my friend? Gideon is a Godly man”
“Divine!” He mimicked the sound of the Candy crush game. Morinsola rolled her eyes
“In fact they had a fair share of misunderstanding as a result of Labake’s taste in men”
“Enhen . . .” He stopped the game, “But what is my wife’s taste exactly? He tickled her
“Leave me jor!” she giggled
“Damola right?” He continued the conversation
“Yes Demola, she is blinded to his flaws. The guy is like a plague. I don’t like him.” She hissed
“No, you shouldn’t. Why should you?
“Of course I shouldn’t. He only brings pain to the poor girl.” She handed him the bottle of darker blue paint.
He obliged.
“Hey Babe” She called, her husband looked up from her right toenails
“You are my taste.”
* * * *

Omolabake is a work of fiction.

[Photo Credits; Mayowa Akande]

“He is a better man than you.” Omolabake shouted.
The supposed pleasant trip was quickly turning into a disaster
“How dare Demola call Gideon a riff raff.” She snorted as his words replayed in her head “You have not been yourself since that riff raff resigned”
“What did you say? Demola asked “I said he is a better man than you.” Demola slapped her left cheek.
“Well then, actions speak much louder” She gave a bitter laugh. He raised his hand his hand to hit her again but this time she caught it before it reached her face.
“Demola, let’s not do this, it is obvious that we can’t work. I have given you too many chances already and we are definitely headed nowhere if you ask me. You need therapy.”
She dropped his hand to his side
“I’m done with you, Demola” she took a deep breath and with what was left of her dignity. She walked away.
* * * * *
As Omolabake lay on her bed that night, hot tears spilled out of her eyes. For the first time in her life she saw what her life had become. A monster. She felt alone,
“I have no one. I’m so terrible everyone keeps leaving me and even the one that stays is abusive.” She took out her phone and typed a mail to her secretary
Cancel all my appointments, anything that can’t wait till I’m back should be handled by the Chief Responsibility officer. I will be away for a while.”
She sent Morinsola a text. “.”It is time to take that vacation.”
She put off her phone.
* * * * *
“So you mean. She has been drowning herself” Lekan wiped the side of his mouth with his napkin. the date had been his wife’s idea. The restaurant was classy and homely.
“Yes and she has just taken matters into her hands by taking that vacation. You can imagine, Otunba has not approved of her vacations in the last three years. You know, since Giodeon…” Morinsola dusted off invicible dirts off the skirt of her olive green mermaid dress.
“Gideon again?” Lekan rolled his eyes. Every discussion somehow tended to Gideon. “This Gideon fellow in so remarkable. Surely, they are in touch?”
Morinsola shook her head, “For where, he is off the radar . . . I think it is intentional and you know my friend na, she wouldn’t even try to look for him.”
She chewed on the chocolate dessert “Lekan, I was wondering”?
“What were you wondering?”
“I was wondering if you’d like to try the dessert?”
He shook his head “It’s late, Beautiful”
He drank from his glass of water, “So how did you come up with this place. It’s quite exquisite”
“I won a raffle draw” She smiled. “I got goods worth N20,000 from a boutique and was given a ticket “My ticket got picked I got called Voila here we are”
“It’s been a while you actually dressed in these evening dresses” she blushed “For me I presume and not for dinner”
“Stop it there naughty.” She waved her hand in the air. Lekan took her hand, gazed at her ring. It was as though time stood still, he looked into her eyes
“It’s been five dreamy years. Please don’t wake me up ever.” He pleaded
Morinsola giggled “It takes the one awake to wake the other”
“Deep beautiful, very deep” He smiled
“Before nko, is it not that depth that attracted you to me or did you come to Lagos to count bridges? She pouted
He laughed in satisfaction. “I married a wise girl. We should do this often.”
“We certainly should.”
They got home under twenty minutes since the Sunday traffic had mellowed. She dug out her key from her purse. The purse fell and Lekan bent to help pick up the spilled contents. He noticed a picture. Took it and studied it for a while
“Dear, whose baby is this?” He asked as he continued to stare at the picture of the newborn in his hands.
She opened the door. They entered into the dark room. She turned on the lights.
“Morinsola, I asked whose baby is it you have the picture of?” his voice grew impatient by the second
“He is mine” she whispered
He walked towards her and face her “What do you mean he is yours?”
* * * *
Omolabake drove straight to the hospital. She had put on her phone to get an information when the housekeeper’s text entered. With one hand on the steering, she wiped a tear with her other hand. She asked the Housekeeper as she drove,
“Ok, so how is she?”
“Madam, the doctors are still with her.”
“Oh no” she groaned “Is she awake? Is she alright?”
After taking in the details, she said “Tell her to hang on” She ended the call. Dialed her Dad’s number left a voice note. Only God knew where he could be.
“Granny O, please don’t do this to me. Don’t leave me”. She kept muttering as she made her way into the reception
She was led to the ward
She saw the house keeper and the butler. “How is she?”
“Madam, she will be fine” The housekeeper hugged her. She nodded
“Where is she?”
“The doctors are with her let’s wait for them”
She stood by the window. She saw all the motions around her but was oblivious to the happenings.
A nurse came out of the ward and then a tall Doctor in a white coat
She rushed to his side “Doctor, how is she?”
“You are relative?” He asked
She nodded. “I’m her granddaughter, we live together”
“Ok, that’s alright, your grandmother is a strong woman. But this time, the stroke got her”
Omolabake nodded
The doctor said something about Dr. Williams, the family doctor meeting with her as soon as he was through in the theater
“Your Grandma will be fine she is fighting”
That kept echoing
She called Morinsola, explained the situation of things. Morinsola promised to stop by on her way from work. She dialed her Aunt Olubunmi’s number and updated her about the development. Her aunty had left the country for Italy since the delivery of her son’s wife. She wondered who else she could call.
She called Gideon.

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  1. Jamal


    Calm down.. Granny o should be fine. She hasn’t finished her duty on earth yet.
    She can’t go now dear.
    So calm down..

    Morinsola… Hmm

    How did you handle it?

    Five years??? How??

    No, I do not support that. At this point. You better have a good explanation. But try o

    Five years??
    In fact, talk am. Listening

  2. Arinze

    I actually thought it was Morinsola that was being rushed to the hospital. what will happen to their relationship?
    or was Granny O also affected by Gideon’s resignation? lol
    we’ll see. Nice one

  3. Flourish

    Oh no!!! why did you stop here na? (tears)… Gideon! Gideon! Gideon everywhere…
    Morinsola, why should she keep such a huge secret? I understand it’s not easy but…it is well with you and your husband (and the young baby too).
    OMOLABAKE OOO! You finally took that bold step! Demola is gone and gone for good! Never again!
    Sweet Granny O!!! Gideon will pray for you and you will be fine!
    Gideon dear! keep doing God’s will.

    Mayowa Akande is a fine somebody!!! Thanks for the picture!
    Lutomi Modesola, see you on Friday! You are amazing! I love you!

  4. Sarah

    So happy for omolabake, she finally took the bold step. Morinsola a wise and secretive woman. Now that things are taking shape gradually in ur marriage, the long KEPT secret needs to be spilled OUT….
    Granny O can’t die now, not at this crucial time in omolabake’s life, she still got a lot to do….

    Calling Gideon is thrilling and divine… I’m happy my phone is back, I can’t wait to read 13 tomorrow

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