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Omolabake Episode 9

Omolabake Episode 9

Episode 9
“Thank you” Morinsola smiled at the guard who pulled the eatery`s door for her. She scanned the room and sighted the booth where Omolabake sat. Their eyes met. Labake smiled. Morinsola made her way over to the booth.
A woman with a bag stopped her in her tracks. “Hello Madam”
She looked up to see her Pastor`s wife. “Oh, Good afternoon ma.”
After exchanging pleasantries, the woman left with her food packs.
“Old friend?” Omolabake asked as Morinsola took her seat, taking a sip of her smoothie
“Actually. She is my Pastor`s wife.”
“Oh nice” Omolabake wasn’t much of a church person. “So how are you?” She abruptly switched the topic.
“Am great and you?” Morinsola asked
Omolabake opened her food, the aroma of the porridge beans garnished with crayfish and fried plantain filled the air. “Very well, thanks.” Her phone rang. She silenced it. Chewed her food a little, “Gideon submitted his resignation letter.”
“Eh! Omolabake, what did you do to him?” Morinsola exclaimed.
Omolabake rejected her call again. “Why do you think I did anything?”
Morinsola rolled her eyes “Because you always do something. Why aren’t you picking your calls?”
Omolabake smiled “He has some non-official issues he is making his business”
“I see. Like?” She gasped. “Did he hit on you?”
“No, silly. He doesn’t like Demola”
“Oh thank God! At least, give him credit. The boy has some nerves to speak his mind.” She took a spoon of rice without stew. “And can you pick your call or put off your phone. Its so distracting as you refuse to pick.”
Omolabake answered the call, “Hello dad”
After a series of “No sir”, “yes sir”, “alright sir.” She ended the call with “Have a safe flight, dad”
She rolled her eyes “I don’t know who is better my insensitive and never – available dad or the self-absorbed but me-obsessed Demola”
Omorinsola took her hand, “Hey dear, my only answer for your question is that Demola doesn’t deserve you.”
“Right.” Labake squeezed her friend`s hand.
“What, so did you approved the resignation?” Morinsola lightened the mood by returning to the topic.
“No” Omolabake frowned.
“Because I have to think about it.”

* * * * * *


“Maami, how was your journey?” A middle aged woman in purple bubu held Granny-O hand as they walked into the mansion on Thursday morning.
Omolabake said “It is so good to see you, Aunty Bunmi”
They had enjoyed an effusive embrace when upon their arrival about ten minutes ago. Gideon had noticed the striking resemblance between the two older women. Well save for Granny O`s silver curls.
“And you must be?” The younger of the two women turned to him.
“I`m Gideon, I`m her driver”. He offered his hand for a handshake. She took it.
“He is my friend” Omolabake blurted out simultaneously. She tried again “My friend Gideon, drove us here”
Granny O snorted and walked into the living room.
Aunty Bunmi smiled, “Gideon, that is so kind of you, make yourself comfortable. So ti gbo? Feel at home”
“Thank you ma”
“If you`d excuse me, I have to make my mom comfortable. Labake knows her way around. She will put you through”. With that Olubunmi, the older sister of Omolabake’s father left the reception area.
“Once more you are welcome” She beamed him a smile.
Not missing a beat, Omolabake said “Let’s get you to your room.”
He picked his overnight bag and her suitcase.
She continued “The engagement is scheduled for 2pm. Then a dinner tomorrow. You`d be sharing a room with my cousin.” She talked as they walked through the veranda linking the staircase. On the staircase were several frames. She paused at one, that’s My Aunt Bunmi and her husband.”
“Wow” He said, the picture was probably two decades old.
She pointed at a picture of a little ballerina, “You?” he asked.
“Yes, that’s me. My first ballet presentation of swan lake, I was six.” Omolabake giggled. “My aunt has always insisted I spent my vacation with them. She didn’t quite agree with my dad’s business approach to raising me after my mother died. So I came, it was one of my best memories yet. Imagine being in a normal family.”
She continued climbing. “This is you right?” He pointed at another picture.
Giggling she said “No.” She touched the picture of a teenage girl with skipping rope. “That’s Adebomi my cousin, the bride.” They continued up the stairs.
Gideon said, “You could pass for twins”
“Yes, we pulled some stunts back in the day.”
“I’d love to hear your tales” He smiled.
“If we continue at this rate, we’d not rest and we’d still be late for the engagement ceremony. And we don’t want that.” she looked at him
“No, we don’t” he smiled and turned his hand in A suggestive manner of saying the way.
They walked for a few minutes in silence when they arrived a room close to another balcony. The house was designed such that you could take in views from almost all angles “So this will be your room.” She opened the door and collected her travel bag from him.
“I’d be back for you. We can get an early lunch before the ceremony. Though I have to be with Adebomi”
He nodded.
“And please, while you are at it, tell no one you’re my driver”


“I warned you” Lekan growled
“Olami, why are you doing this to me” Morinsola cried out in despair. She stood in front of her drunk husband, she beat his chest as through it were a door.”
Her expectation to see him after the long day had been eroded when it was a drunk man that stepped into the house. This was had happened two nights in a row the past week.
“Stop hitting me woman” He pushed her aside.
She cried stood up “Ha! Olamilekan, I never signed up for this”
He laughed a bitter laughter “That makes the two of us. I never planned to be stuck for life with a woman who cant bear the sight of children or the mention. Tell me what changed?”
“Lekan it is not so, it’s not like that.” she cried.
“Tell me, what is it like, go on … I`m listening.” He taunted
She opened her mouth to talk. She choked on her words. “I`m sorry, I cant do this”.
“Oh yeah, you cant? Why aren’t I surprised” Lekan taunted “Oh because I know this scene in the movie…” He stormed out of the room.

Gideon smiled when he finally saw Omolabake on Friday evening at the dinner. He sat at the back, watching Adebomi sing for beau. He hadn’t seen her since last night after the engagement ceremony. She was the dutiful maid of honor as he understood.
Friday had gone in a blur, she sent him a text message explaining her absence due to finishing touches. He had spent the day in meditation and prayers, resting, blogged a little, replying comments and even checked in with Mike. By afternoon, he took a stroll and ran into Granny O. They talked for a while, he remembered how she he giggled when asked why she was called Granny O.
She touched his cheek, “Omolabake popularized it. When her mother died, she was two. She died whilst having another child. Her maternal Grandmother and I took responsibility for raising her, In order to avoid confusion, she called me Granny O, I’m Olivia and her other grandmother. God bless her soul, was Granny B. She is better at explaining the names.”
Omolabake’s voice broke his thoughts “Why are you smiling?” Gideon looked up to see her at his side “What are you thinking?”
“Ahem,” He cleared his throat, “I am currently thinking of how fortunate I am to be in the company of this very beautiful woman” She giggled
“Now, I see how you charmed my poor old Grandmother” She made a serious face “Is this what you tell her in my absence?”
Unfazed, Gideon smiled, “I mean what I say. You are beautiful, Omolabake”
“Thank you, Gideon” She blushed. After a moment of silence. She asked “Would you like to dance?”
“Oh no” He shook his head “I don’t do so well in that department”
“Wow”, She took his hand and literally dragged him to the dance floor. “So, there is a department you don’t do so well in.
“Are you…” He made a face “flirting with me?”
“What? Gosh! No!” Flustered she rushed the words.
“Good, that’s a relief” He sighed “My girlfriend doesn’t have to be worried” She guided him on how to waltz
“You don’t have a girlfriend” She looked him in the eye
“Yes, I do”
“No, you don’t”
“No, I don’t” He conceded “And why were you so sure?
“I wasn`t, just took the risk” She smiled into his eyes
“Ahaha. So this is due you that wins the bids”
The music changed, she guided his steps. He stepped on her toes, “You such a terrible dancer, I recommend classes” She laughed
“I know, right”
“She looked at him, “Tell me Gideon, why did you take the job?”
“Well, my honest answer?” She nodded
“I was led to take it.”
“What does that mean?”
“In clear terms, I knew I had to take it by divine direction”
“I see”
“You don’t believe in God much?” He asked
“No, I don’t” She shrugged “And so now that you tendered your resignation, would you say you were led to do that”
“No” He looked her straight in eyes. His honesty amused him.
“Lets strike a deal. When you are led to go, let me know and you can, Alright?” She asked
“You don’t play easy, do you? Fair enough”
“No I don’t” she smiled. “I need a drink, I`v had enough dancing”
“I thought you never talk” He laughed.
They walked off the dance floor earning glances and sidetalks from the crowd.

*****************Episode 10 next.


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