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Omolabake Episode 8

Omolabake Episode 8

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Episode 8
As Gideon stepped into the Drivers’ Lounge, Stanley raised his head as the door opened “Look who we have here.” Stanley took water from the dispenser. The room was well lit and had the necessities.
Two men sat opposite each other, playing a board game. The older of the two being the driver of Otunba Ibikunle-Pearse was fondly called Baba Lucas by all and Jude, a younger man were at a standstill in their chess game.
“How is Omolabake doing?” Baba Lucas asked without looking up from the board
Gideon smiled, “She is great and you, sir?”
“My son am fine oh”
“You sure she is great?” Stanley sneered “The three weeks I worked with her was hell. She is so bossy.”
Baba Lucas laughed “She was your boss”
“She is okay” Gideon replied.
Jude watched him intently “Guy, what are you doing here? Everyone knows being a driver is the least of your qualifications …”
“Right, I believe I need this time to work out some things more over, I have access to internet here for my blog and other studies” Gideon tried to explain what he knew they still wouldn’t understand.
“Mr. Philosopher” Baba Lucas called “How is that your blog? I don’t read it much but my Lucas said something about him getting direct info from you when new stuff came out”
“Yes, sir. That is true, when people subscribe to my newsletters they get first hand info and updates in their mails” Gideon took his sit beside Baba Lucas as he studied at the chess board
“Wow, you be big boy oh” The third man, Stanley said. “You con dey here de form driver”.
“Right.” Gideon smiled “Next turn I go play oh”
“This boy is cheating me sef” Baba Lucas pinched Jude`s check.
Jude grumbled “I lost my ginger when he refused to let us place bets.”
Baba Lucas smacked Jude`s head “Now listen, young man. I have in recent times seen your zeal towards gambling and betting especially with the coporate or organized betting system young people of your age have at their disposal.
But let me tell you this. There are some experiences you definitely do not want as your teachers. Gambling or betting is one of such. You are familiar with how I lost my family and job due to Baba Ijebu … I gambled away with a customer’s money and that was the end.”
“But Baba, I just do it for fun.” Jude pouted
“Don’t be a fool Jude, it always looks harmless at thebegin and that’s why it easily becomes an addiction.

Omorinsola parked her SUV in front of Maggie’s to grab a quick bite. As much as she was hungry her guilt seemed to become bigger daily. She took her phone and opened a secured folder with a password. The gallery opened a picture. The baby boy had her eyes. Her smile soon turned to tears. She moaned inaudible expressions saying “I am sorry” severally. She must have been there for several minutes when her phone rang.
“Hi mum”
“Omorinsola Abekeade, how are you?” Her mother’s voice was always with cheer.
She sniffed “I`m good mom. And you? How’s dad?”
“Your father is great; he went out for his usual Monday golf with Chief Kenechukwu. I`m well, just made pepper soup. Waiting for their return” She paused. “Are you alright, what’s the matter?”
Morinsola remained silent
“Abekeade, Kilosele? Talk to me?”
“Mummy I don’t know. I can’t do this anymore. The guilt won’t let me be”
“Rightly so, my love” Her mum “Ehn, talk to Lekan”
“Ah mummy, I can’t do that” Morinsola gasped
“Trust me, you can. You don’t want him to hear from outside. Moreover, you need to speak with him about everything. Your healing depends on it, dear”.
Morinsola sighed “Okay mummy”
“Alright then. When am I expecting you both in Ibadan?”
“Well, I`ll check with my husband. But I think the weekend for Family harvest still stands”. As was almost a family tradition, her father invited all his children to the annual family harvest.
“Has the body massage kit arrived?” She asked her mum.
“No it hasn’t.” Her mum replied. “The physiotherapist insisted we got that particular product.”
“Yes ma, and that is what you are getting mum” Morinsola smiled “ I belive you will get it latest Friday.”
“Alright then. Talk later.”
“ I love you, mum.”
“Love you too baby”
She ended the call. Smiling at her mother’s timely call.
Gideon pulled out of the driveway. He tuned to BBC early morning news. Apparently the only station Omolabake had no problem with. He reflected on her response Monday afternoon when he tendered his resignation letter to her.
She had pleaded with him to stay that she`d worked things out with Demola. She said they were through.
“Hey Gideon!” She called him out of his reverie
“Yes ma`am” He looked back.
“Her makeup was nicely done” he shook his head at the stray thought. He faced the road.
“I need your help; actually Granny said to ask you if you’d be free to drive us this weekend to Ibadan. My cousin is getting married”
“You said?” He asked
“You seem to not be here. Are you alright Gideon?”
“Yes, I am” he snapped.
“I`d like to know if you could take my Grandma and myself to Ibadan for the weekend. A cousin of mine would be getting married” She continued
“Actually, I would be travelling on Thursday evening and on you wouldn’t have to work officially. Though we would pay for your services”.
“I see and when do you plan to return?”
“Sunday afternoon”
“Ok” He continued driving
“Ok? What does okay mean exactly?” She raised a brow
“I`d be your chauffeur”
“That will be nice of you.” She smiled “Thanks”
She took out her phone and dialed Granny-O’s number,
“Hi Grans! how you doing? Gideon agreed.”
Granny-o laughed, “Good boy, I knew he would”
“You Knew?” Omolabake rolled her eyes.
“He is a charming young man. Tell him I said that.”
“Granny you know pretty well, I`m not saying that.” Omolabake scoffed
“Then put the phone on speaker” Granny replied.
“Gideon, she wants to speak to you” Omolabake said
“Arrrgh, you are just impossible Grans” She put the phone on speaker
“Gideon, how are you?”
“I’m great Granny-O and you?”
“I’m fine… the arthritis keeps getting at me. Speaking of which, I appreciate you taking the duty of driving us. I need Omolabake sitting with me. And so she can’t drive.”
Reality dawned on, Granny O needed to stretch her legs at intervals to avoid aches. “It’s no problem ma.”
“So I told the naughty girl to tell you are a charming young man but she refused.” She giggled
“I understand, ma” Gideon maintained a straight face.
“I`m sure you do.” Granny-O giggled
Omolabake had a blank look. What were these two saying that was different from what she was hearing. “Alright Grans, let him drive. You don’t want us entering ditches . Right Gideon?” She said for emphasis.
“Right Ma’am” He smiled.
“Okay love Bye, Be nice.” Granny sighed.
“Talk to you later ma, I love you too!”
Hi there, thanks for coming and reading. See you on Tuesday…
I apologise for the delay.
Lutomi Modesola.


  1. Invictus Collections

    Mr. Chauffeur!
    Insensitive Omolabake!…
    This is getting serious o, next episode I think should clarify some things, especially abt Omorinsola… Yeah!, I’ve got my eyes on her and sure, interested in her case.
    Afi wedding na!, she just want to get more intimate with Mr. Some Grandmothers ehn!
    La la lala, la la lala, la la lala la, la la lala!

  2. Azeez Olumide

    I like the way this story is unfolding. The different characters and their lives all opening up and coming together on a grand scale. From Morinsola to Omolabake and her unfortunate relationship with that Yoruba demon called Demola. Waiting for Gidoen’s story too to unfold. Why God would ask him to take up such a job and the likes. Kudos sister. You are doing a great job.

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