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Omolabake Episode 7

Omolabake Episode 7

Seven they say is the perfect number! I have a good news to share, actually several… But we will take one today! Before I share, We now have a page on Facebook you can follow to get updates, gist, behind the scene thoughts and all…

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And to the good news, Omolabake will now come twice a week! So here you go for all who asked! Tuesdays and yep, Fridays…

Now to today’s episode…

Episode 7

A reality television show was on, but Omolabake was not watching. Demola was. They sat on a sofa in his sitting room. With he had his gaze on the Tv, he was doing the talking.

He did that often, talk to her with his eyes on the Tv.

He looked at her once in a while and continued watching the show. She studied his features as he talked.

Boy, isn’t he just handsome. Talk about Tall, Fair and handsome”. She thought.
Just last week at the house warming party of his best friend, he was giving the ladies slices of his million dollar smile. The angular contours of his face and the contour of nose told her his creator knew exactly what he was doing.

“Babe, are you listening?” He asked. Looking at her.
Omolabake shook herself “Obviously I am not listening, silly. I must have zoned out after being tortured for over thrity minutes listening to you talk about your self, your work, your this your that. The guy was just so self absorbed.”

Smiling, she said “Of course, I am”. Before he could raise another topic about himself, she blurted out “Do you think know that we got the Telecoms gig I told you about?”
She asked half hoping he won’t return to talking about himself “Hum-hum, you did? that’s nice” he remarked.

“We did, I mean I`d have been late for the bidders conference yesterday because I overslept. Studying the documents till the wee hours of this mourning and all. Fortunately, Gideon arrived in time to get me to the place.”
“Right, I guess Gideon is a hero”.
She smiled, “He is actually a good guy, very intelligent”.
“Oh please! Shut up” he hissed. “If he is that intelligent, why don’t you go and be with him”
She stood up. Already pissed, she said “I may just do that if you keep talking about yourself every time I`m with you. Gosh! It is so frustrating it makes me sick. You are so self – ab…”
His slap to her left cheek completed her statement. Stunned, she stared at him. In their less than six months relationship, this was becoming a routine.
She gasped, “Demola, you slapped me again”
Demola picked the remote control, changed the channel. He shrugged “You made me do it”
“How?” She whispered “Tell me how?” Hot tears slid down her face.
“Oh! don’t play that card. Stop crying already!” he hissed and stood up to leave the sitting room. She blocked his way.
“Demola, you slapped me? She screamed. “What am I? your punching bag?” She wiped off the tears. “I`m done.”
He nodded. She moved for him to pass. Took her bag from the coffee table and made her way to the front door.
“Be reasonable, Baby, you can’t leave at this time” He stepped out of his kitchen with a napkin in his hands.
“Watch me” She said under her breadth. She found her car keys. Reversed the car and drove out of the Cadogan Estate even though it was pass midnight.

Just last night, she had received an email from her father’s secretary telling her he was proud of her for the work done. She had been so pissed she called him immediately. The call was picked after her fifth attempt.
“Dad, you should have at least called personally to deliver your message” she said
“That’s not how to greet your Father, girl” His husky voice told he just woke up.

What time was it in Brazil?”She wondered.
She snorted. “ Father” She drawled sarcastically “If you can’t call yourself to congratulate me then I’d appreciate it if no message is sent at all. After all, it is your company”
“Omolabake, what has gotten into you?” He asked “You know how busy I am.”
“Honestly Dad, I don’t care” she put the phone away as she sniffed, she did want him to know she was crying. “If only you cared a little about me.” She stammered “If only you fuss a pinch about me as you do about your companies…”

“ah aha ah! Ma so yen o, you know fully well that all I am doing is for you dear? There is nothing you want that is not at your disposal. Thanks to me your Father. I mean, after all, you are the Heiress of the Ibikunle-Pearse fortune”

She scoffed “Tell me Father, what my favourite colour?”
“Girl, I have an appointment that I have to prepare for…” Her Dad said matter-of-factly. “We can continue with this discussion later”
She took a deep breath. There was no winning with her father. “It is alright Dad, I hope we can have some time together when you are back in Nigeria.”
“Sure thing Girl. Just see to the affairs of things over there.”
“Alright.” She replied. The call had ended just like that.

Now as she drove back home, she couldn’t help but wonder why love was so hard to get. Her tears blurred her vision. Tired of it all, she parked by the road side and weeped in the privacy of her car. Somewhere along the line her father must have forgotten she wasn’t a minion. His business-like approach did not ruffle her anymore. But one thing she had never quite figured out was how her mother ever loved about the man like him.

* * * * * *
Somehow Gideon could tell that Omolabake has been hit again. And it was not guess work. It was obvious This was one of those mornings. She was melancholy. It broke his heart to watch her go to through that sort of routine over again. The fake smile, the lowered face and then the blush to blend it all in.
That is not life” He thought. In his own summation, she was either too much of an erring child or Demola was just a beast. And without doubt he knew the latter was more true. At the risk of losing his job. He screeched to a halt.
Startled she asked “What’s that Gideon?”

It is you!” he replied in his head. But he knew he had to frame his words well so that he won’t get her defences up.
He parked by the roadside, there was at least twenty minutes to kill without getting to work late. He turned to face her at the back seat. Their eyes crossed.
“Omolabake, why do you let him keep hitting you?”
Feeling his piercing gaze, she looked away from him.

She gazed at the window “It’s none of your business, Gideon”

“I know and that’s why I`m bothered. But I`m going to talk anyway” He unfastened his seatbelt.

“See, you are intelligent, wealthy, witty, beautiful, you have everything but why do you settle for less? I mean, I`ve never understood your adoration for that boy…” he paused “…see, I believe you are better than this, you are worth more than this Omolabake. I may not know much but this I know, if a guy beats you when you are not yet married, marriage will only give him the license he needs to beat you till forever”.
“Mr. Onah, are you through?” she looked at him straight in the eye. Her eyes cold and determined.
Taken aback, Gideon replied “Yes, I am”
“Alright, can you do what you are paid to do and quit meddling in my affairs” She said without batting an eyelash.
Gideon smiled. “Speak to her Lord, heal her heart.” He prayed within him.

He faced the windscreen as he fastened his seat belt.
“Yes ma” He replied.
He continued to drive. Looking at her occasionally through his rear view mirror. He noticed her widening her eyes to chase tears back in. he smiled.
She is so stubborn, don’t you think you should quit than watch this play out Gideon?”
A thought came to him.

He scoffed and said under his breath “No, I’m staying!”

**************The good news is Episode 8 comes this Friday!

Author’s note:

So, there are times discouragement arises because things are not going as you think they should… What do you do? Do you give up? Press harder ? simply go around complaining?

I have learnt that discouragement is part of life’s processes and often times, if what you are doing wasn’t to important in the first place, there wouldn’t be any discouragement.

Share your thoughts friends… I’d like to hear whatyou think about today’s episode especially Omolabake’s relationship with her dad, Gideon’s audacity (talk about Grabbing the bull by the horn, you should try that sometime soon!) and there is Demola whom I don’t have words for…

It is always a privilege to serve you Omolabake, wait where is Morinsola? Find out next time…


Lutomi Modesola.

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  1. Invictus Collections

    What a pity!, most of the so called fathers are just called father for the sake of it, most fathers have failed woefully; it is either they are available and not approachable or they are not available at all. Funny enough, they just assume everything is okay. I think that is the reason most children love their mother than their father.
    Well! Well! Well!,Mr. Gideon, man of valour… Thank you for telling her o. Most ladies will be shouting “I will manage him, he will change”” where will I start from”, I pray you don’t end up dead or hospitalized before u let go of such foolish guy…
    Omolabake!… I like that step like kilode, not all ladies can do that. They foolishly endure what is not, they will cry at the end fa!.
    Lord help us to hold on to what we should hold on to, let go of the unnecessary, and give us the ability to discern between the two.
    That Demola guy ehn!…

    Don’t mind me jare, my comments self pass the story.

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