Omolabake Episode 6

Episode 6: Happy New Month Friends!

Gideon had fallen into a comfortable routine. It was true what she said, a good portion of the time was spent on the road. Her intelligence was profound. He figured that the rumours were also true. Omolabake couldn’t stand people who refused to think.

During the first few weeks of his arrival, he’d receive snide remarks. His predecessor, the guy Stanley who drove her last had even said to him. “Don’t get too comfortable”.

When she wasn’t asking questions or talking. The ride was quiet, well save for the rumble of the tires. It amused him that She didn’t like radios. She couldn’t listen to any station. The rest of the journeys were nearly so quiet he could almost forget there was someone at the back seat.

He had learnt a thing of two about her she could be funny, kind, she was innocent in the sense that she could hope for the wrong reasons.

Her love for family was unprecedented and there was that Demola guy whose presence turned her into mushroom.
How could such a guy have a hold like that on one girl? He pondered as he took his seat at company Library. That had become his unofficial office.

He sat there, scanned for opportunities, read, blogged, prayed there till Omolabake called him. She knew he was always there.

The scene from last night replayed in his head. After they got Back from Cherub Mall, she had asked for the car keys.

“You said?” He asked to be sure he heard right.

She repeated herself “Hand over the car keys”

Is this it? He wondered. Am I being fired?

“Demola doesn’t really like that you are my driver. So I’d drive to his place myself. You can close early today” she offered flippantly.

Even though he had heaved an unseen sigh. He was not quite sure.

“Am I relieved I am not being fired? He asked himself. I think I’d rather leave on my terms. Then there is the Demola guy, I don’t get his beef. I mean what does she mean?

He replayed what she said

“Demola doesn’t really like that you are my driver. So I’d drive to his place myself. You can close early today”
“Talk of appeasing the gods. Such a waste on guy.”

He hissed
He scribbled down into his notepad.

Let me run wild
I know me, I am me
It’s my life anyway so let me run hold. I’m free to be me

“What’s it been? Six weeks and no complaints?” Morinsola and Omolabake carried their trays and placed them on an empty table. The late lunch crowd was gathering.

Omolabake shook her head “He is perfect”

“Yeah right”

“Seriously, I mean it… he’s like an encyclopedia of some sorts.”
Morinsola rolled her eyes.

“I mean he knows things. Seriously you need to see him analyzing business ideation and branding concepts like he is Leke Alder”

“Right” Morinsola eyed her suspiciously

Omolabake stopped her fork of yam porridge midway into her mouth with a frown. “ Wait, what was the exact reason he didn’t get the job he put in for?”

Morin paused chewing “Humm, there was someone who was better qualified”

“I see”

“You do realize he can’t be your driver forever right?” Morinsola asked

“Of course I do” Omolabake smiled.

They continued eating in silence.

Morinsola looked up suddenly and said “Are you sure you are alright, girl? I hope you are not falling for the young man?”

“Oh please, don’t be silly” Omolabake waved her hand off.

Earphones in place, Gideon sang Hillsong’s “What A Beautiful Name It Is” as he had just cleaned up the apartment. He couldn’t stand having things out of place. Especially at his reading table, it seemed to help him think.

He’d left the table for the cleaning because he was stuck, writer’s block.

As he did most evenings, he sat at his table, read or write. If it was Thursday, that meant boys night for Michael, Bubemi and himself. They took turns doing random stuff from cooking, karaoke.

One night it had been wrestling. He brought the idea. The guys bought it. It turned out pretty bad for him. Michael came into the room from the kitchen

“Dude, I can’t make Thursday night package”

Gideon removed the earphones. “Why?”

“Roselyn, She finally accepted my friend request.”
“Who is Roselyn?” Gideon arched a brow
Michael smiled “The Seccretary to the deputy Director I told you about”
“I see” Gideon was about wearing the earphones but he put them down. “Two months to be your friend…?” he gasped
“Are you that scared?”

He made the thinking sign… “What does that say about your character?”

Michael poked him. “Haba, that means so much coming from you, Gid.”

“But wait oh, kukuma ask her to marry you now because it will take her twenty four months to reply you”

“Who talked about marriage now?”

Omolabake was up early. He met her in the car by the time he arrived. Quite unusual he noted. And her bright mascara made him remind himself to stop staring.

She was already chatting as he drove out of the compound. Something was up; he looked at her from the rearview mirror for the umpteenth time.

“Growing up in the US, everything was fun save for the fact that I grew up in the boarding house” she continued

“How was your night?” He asked as he watched her through the rearview mirror. She looked into her compact mirror… touched her eye.

He asked again “How was your night?”

“Fine” she answered sharply

“Did he hit you?” He voiced his his suspicion

“I said I’m fine. Now can you do your job and let me have my peace.”

“Aha aha…” Gideon thought. “So this was it. The beast hit her and beauty covers up.”

He opened his mouth to talk. But closed it again
“What could have happened? I hope she is not an intelligent fool. I mean with all her degrees How can she be so stupid to allow this?”

“Em,” he started talking but shut his mouth again

She suddenly changed the topic.

“We have bid on the Island this Thursday. So we’d leave very early, at least latest 6am. I don’t want to get there late.”

He started to think before he could stop himself “Such a child. changing the topic just like that?”
“Ok ma’am”. He faced his driving

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  • sarah

    Gideon is beginning to enjoy the job because he knows his boss well enough if I say and also because he’s able to put some of his knowledge to use with her boss
    Omolabake is also getting comfortable now but I feel there’s more to that though, I look forward to…
    I hope omolabake isn’t an intelligent fool to this demola guy.

    My prayer is for the father to grant Gideon the right words in this situation that he might lead a soul to the peace of Christ within.

    Thumbs up sis… Words well placed

  • Invictus Collections

    … Life n its trick, everyone has something he/she battles…
    Finally!, our very own, Bro Gideon is settling in… He might actually be a solution she never thought, yes! And you know who I’m referring to.
    … God help us that wen it is time for us to manifest, we will not be found wanting.

  • Azeez Olumide

    Talk about an accepted friend request to ruin boys night from a Roselyn.
    Serious lessons from this episode, we are prisoners to those we give our affections to. We tend to believe against the realities staring us in the face and by the time we wake, it’s almost too late.
    Nice to finally see Gideon settling in, imagine Gideon wondering if he’d be fired, He’s really come a long way, and thankfully too, we get to see that beautiful mind of his and the fruits of that valuable relationship he has with his heavenly Father.
    Kudos sis, you are doing a great job. Can I personally ask for episode 8 *winks*

  • kingefmtop

    Getting to the end, and I’m like are we done for this episode?! So Captivating. Can’t wait – Episode 7.

    A lot yet to wrap my head around but Great stuff knowing Gideon in so much a delima but the anchor for Him and soul-sole of assurance is that He’s doing God’s will, a mandate he heard from God.

    In instructions, lies our place of strength and even our life and fulfilment of Destiny. Our minds can’t figure out the scope in its entirety of our destiny coz “eyes have not seen(not even the individual) what God has in plan…” it takes instructions to unravel.

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