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Omolabake Episode 5

Omolabake Episode 5

Episode 5

Resignation letter in his left hand, Gideon stood in front of the HR’s office. Her secretary had affirmed her presence. He touched the door with his right fist; to knock.

For the past four minutes, he couldn’t bring himself to knock. Why? It didn’t seem the right thing to do. He had the nagging feeling he got when he was about to do something wrong. He is hand dropped to his side.

He lifted his hand to knock the HR’s office door once more. Deep within him, he knew he was about to make a wrong move.

“Good morning Gideon” Morinsola opened the door from inside. He took a step back allowing her to step out on the passage. She did with her tote bag, he figured she was on her way out.

“Good morning ma’am, I was just about to knock your door.”

“Oh well, here I am” she smiled

“Well” He started to talk. He said nothing. After a minute’s pause. “I’d like to know if there is any update about openings at the Brand and Marketing Department”

She looked at him. It was barely a week since he started the job. She knew the problem. Her friend was the problem.

“Oh sure Gideon, I didn’t forget” she paused. “Let me assure you Gideon. I will give you firsthand information but I want you to know where you are right now in a goldmine. That is if you use it well.” She looked absentmindedly at her wristwatch.

“Now, if you will excuse me” she smiled “I have to be at MD’s office before lunch hour.

Gideon nodded. “What does she mean “Goldmine”. Being a driver is a miry pit.”

She walked briskly away from him it made him wonder if she was avoiding him. He made his way into the rest room. He needed to clear his head.

“Tell me exactly” he grunted

He entered the male section, several mirrors lined the walls with sinks. Gideon went to the extreme end of the restroom. Looking at himself in the mirror, he put on the tap and rinsed his face. Whispering “Why, why?”

Monday had gone down in a downward spiral. And this Tuesday was not helping matters. It was hard for him to do anything if he hadn’t received his Father’s permission. He continued to whisper his concerns

“Father what’s going on, I can’t stay here”
“I don’t get it! Why do you want me here?”
I need you here.

He rolled his eyes. A little more help in this conversation would be nice.

For it is God who works in you to will and to do of his good pleasure
“I can’t stand her, God. All I have done so far; I have kept my cool. I don’t know if I can take any more of this.”
It doesn’t have to be that way.

Alright, I surrender, but how do I cope with that girl? I mean what’s your game plan?” He said aloud this time. He didn’t mind that anyone in the space would think he was talking into the thin air.

I will teach you in the way you should go

As that word floated in his heart he brought out his phone and checked out the full text in psalm thirty-two verse eight.

“Good morning ma’am.” He smiled the next morning as she came out of the house

“Hello Gideon” she replied.

“How was your night?”

“Fine, thank you.”

He opened her car door for her, she was taken aback.
“Thank you” She sat inside.

“To the office right?”

“Yes. We will make a quick stop at Cakes and Cream.”

“Sure thing.”

He drove in silence. He was trying hard to be nice. Well, not that he detested her. No, she was, like the least of his problems. He just felt she didn’t deserve his patience with all her haughtiness. But it seemed Father was not going to let him off easy on this one.
And there was his mother who was glad he was working at a company. She didn’t even want to hear his position.

After thinking about it, he came to a conclusion. He’d make to do with whatever he got while on the job, and keep applying for other opportunities. He would not let his problems affect who he was.

He parked the car at the Store. She stepped out to get into the shop. She wore a leather jacket that probably did wonders in the Cold season.

Omolabake came out about ten minutes later with their signature white box. He came out of the car to open her door.

“Thank you” she said
“Whose birthday?” he wondered

They had one of their arguments last night. This time it was over cartoon network. “For goodness sake, why does Lekan turn every discussion into a potential baby talk?” Morinsola stared out at the white sky. There was no silver lining when her husband was bent on a matter.

Ok, so he wanted to watch cartoon network and she didn’t. Next thing He’d say was “Why are you like this? You will need to know what your children are watching!”

She stormed out of the room… No good night, no nothing.

Now, here she was on her birthday morning. So pissed at herself for not letting Lekan’s candid remark slide. He left for work earlier than she did and the dude didn’t even bother to wake her up.

Here she was on her swivel chair, looking out the window expecting his call. Hoping it was a mistake and that he forgot. “Did he forget? He’d be so dead if he did.”

She heard a knock

“Yeah, come in” She turned the chair to face her desk.
Gideon came in behind Omolabake with a box, apparently Cakes and Cream didn’t forget her birthday

“Happy birthday sweetie,” Omolabake sang as she hugged Morinsola several times.

“Thank you” Morinsola voice held no cheer, Gideon dropped the cake and left after saying “Good morning ma’am, Happy Birthday.”

“Thanks Gideon.”
So what’s up for today? Omolabake asked

“Hum. not sure waiting for husband to bring his surprise.”
“Right? Me sef need husband.” She giggled. “So I got you this” she brought out a yellow gift box from her bag.

“Awh” this is too much. Morinsola untied the brown ribbon and opened the box. She screamed. “It’s a lie, A pair of silver earrings with emerald jewels?”
“Labake, I can’t accept this” she said

“What nonsense! Go ahead, return it to the jeweler then” Omolabake feigned annoyance for a few seconds and smiled “You are the mother around here. Even mothers get mother’s day. Please allow us spoil you silly.” Already removing the pearls on Morinsola ears, she wore her the gifted pair.
“Oh perfect” she smiled.

Gideon wanted to give Morinsola something. For one, she treated him as human being and she had always been kind from day one.

“Come in” she answered ate the second knock
“Hello ma’am…”

“Hey Gideon, please sit down.” She pointed in the direction of chairs available. Gift items lay around and the boxes of cakes had increased to three.

“Happy birthday Ma”

“Oh, thank you.”
“I just found out this morning. From Ms. Omolabake”

“Oh” she smiled.
“Can I ask you a question?” He sat forward holding eye contact.
“Yes sure.”

“Are you alright?” Gideon asked
“Yes sure” she answered too quickly. That gave her away. “Why would you ask that?”

“Well, your mood isn’t the usual.” He smiled. “Is there anything I can help with?”

“No” she said. “Not at all” She tried again, sounding calm. “I’m fine and it’s sweet of you to ask.”
“Alright then…” He stood up to leave, “I got you this” He handed her a wrapped parcel.

“Oh Gideon, you shouldn’t have bothered.”
“No, you deserve it. You are really kind.”

“Hey Gideon, what do you know about eCommerce Branding?”

“I do know a few things” after few minutes of non-stop explanation of how eCommerce was gaining grounds in Nigeria, he continued with “You see, eCommerce branding depends on a lot of factors like the goods or services, the target customers, the logistics involved the experience you’d like to sell to the customer…” he looked back. “I hope I Have not bored you?”

“No, not at all” Omolabake had an amused look

“Hey Gideon”

He looked back at her. Then looked at the road, “Do you think Morinsola seemed dull today?”

Tricky he thought, maybe a little. He shrugged. “As a matter of fact she did seem dull”

“You are quite observant.”

From his little observation, Gideon thought “it seemed Morinsola had dual personality, she was on some mornings the carefree, high spirited cheerleader and other mornings, she was dull. Her façade just seemed to give her up in ways she probably didn’t know, not up for much talk and definitely trying to not betray emotions like this morning. Was she on medication, maybe suffering from depression, perhaps it was a woman-hormone thing?

What could be wrong with her?”

He parked the car and was about to drop the car keys so he could retire for the evening.

When Granny O stepped out of the door,
“Mighty Man of Valour”

Gideon prostrated to greet her, “Good evening Granny O.”
“How are you, my son?”

He walked towards the chair she pointed on the patio. “Very well, thank you ma and you?”

“Am great. Eating fruits and veggies. I haven’t seen you in a while. Did I scare you the first time?”

He grinned “Ah! no ma, I am settling in”

“Ehen en, I see. I hope Omolabake hasn’t been much trouble?”

“No, she hasn’t ma.”
She waved him off. “I know my baby; don’t cover up for her. She is more than a handful.”

Both shared a knowing laughter.
“Dinner is ready; I’d like you to dine with us.” Granny O said.
“Thank you ma. But permit me to decline”

“And why is that, Gideon?” She asked
“I have to be somewhere by seven pm”
“Alright then, if you insist”
‘I insist ma. Thank you ma”
“He dropped the keys and left”

Morinsola enjoyed the quiet of the kitchen as she stirred the chicken curry sauce. The only sound was the irregular whistling of the boiling rice on the cooker. She reduced the heat so it could simmer.

For a thousand times or less, she had rehearsed how the evening will play out with her husband. She’d apologize and they’d eat or he might apologize also and even give her a gift either way, she wanted her peace back.

The front door clicked, opened and shut.
She stepped out of the kitchen.

“Hey love”, she said
He shrugged “Hey babe…” she was at his side welcoming him into her arms.

“Are you alright?”
He nodded “Yeah, I’m great and you?”
She caught a whiff of alcohol

“My God, not this” tears burnt at her eyelids, “Not alcohol.”
I missed you” she said
“Me too” he hugged her and then kissed her forehead.
“Lemme take a shower” I’d be down in a bit
I left the heater on.

He nodded
She entered the kitchen. Rested her back on the refrigerator and took a deep breath. All her plans came to a halt at this sudden twist of things

“Why would Lekan resort to alcohol?” She turned off the heat as the Chicken Sauce was cooked.
He was down in no time. Refreshed, he placed his hands on her shoulders. She leaned into him.

She tuned to face him and said “Hey, I’m sorry for my attitude yesterday, I shouldn’t have walked out on you.”
“It’s no problem, dear. I understand” he said

“You do?” amused, She asked.
“Yes, I do, children are a touchy subject for you… So we must tread softly”
“Lekan, I love you and I do respect you. Please forgive me for walking out on you.”
“Morin, you are forgiven. And I didn’t forget your birthday. I was just being an ass not saying anything this morning. I even took a bottle or two to prepare me for war. If need be.”

“Oh no” she groaned, she punched him lightly. “Please don’t do that… take bottle because you want to face me. We are partners for crying loud”

“Yes ma”
“Now if you will be the charming groom I married and get the food to the table, we can make do with the remaining five hours of my birthday.”

“Sure thing, boss”
“And Lekan, my gift?”

******************* On to Episode 6
Hey there, thank you for reading so far!
We made it to the fifth Episode! Too many gists in this episode… I mean just imagine the look on Omolabake’s face when she realizes she has gotten her perfect match (Dude‘s got working brain!)? Do you think she can handle all that Gideon carries… and there is Morinsola, whose secret I can’t wait to find out?
All in all, that text Psalm 32: 8 is a favourite, and really God promises to lead his Children per time. I know the culture of this time and age says do things your way…
Hear this, there is a better way.
For Gideon, he knows that doing anything outside the will of God is his first step to regret, that is the reason why he follows dogmatically, listening at every step.
So, I am thinking, will you like to get a gift from me this March 1st… I mean would you like to get Episode 6 in the comments section? If yes please say so in the comments section…

Shalom, Friends.
Lutomi Modesola.


  1. Invictus Collections

    I b dey suspect Morinsola o!, seem like she has a past she is battling with.
    Man of Valour!, wen a lady friend’s mother or granny begin to like u, u need to b extra careful, dis one is even ur boss (OMOLABAKE!, the insensitive career lady)… Abi u don get work for oil company!
    As unbefitting as the job may be, Gideon’s obedience is worth emulating.
    “If a man refuses to heed God’s, he can never hit target (be fulfilled)”.
    And for the gift, YES!…

  2. Azeez Olumide

    Gideon seems perfect for Omolabake, she’d get to realize that blessings are packaged in different forms and the best of them don’t always come in shiny packages.
    Still waiting for the story behind Morinsola’s touchy attitude on the subject of children and Mr perfect might not be sooo perfect and understanding afterall.
    Granny O can’t just stop being the perfect grandma thumbs up to her. All in all, Omolabake is proving an engaging read, can’t wait for subsequent episodes.
    P.S: My own gift is episodes 6 and 7 *winks*

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