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Omolabake Episode 4

Omolabake Episode 4

“Granny-O, I got the Chili sauce. I am at the corner of the street.” After a pause, she replied “No, I did not forget the baking supplies.”

Omolabake ended the call with her Grandmother. Granny was easily one of her best people in the world. With so much love to shower. Her vegetable soups were straight out of no recipe books. At seventy-seven, she still insisted her loaves and pastries had to be home baked.
When she wasn’t napping, knitting or playing scrabble with the gardener, they were gisting. Omolabake cooked on weekends. Granny always said, to keep Omolabake’s skills alive.

Omolabake noticed the garden trees had been pruned as Gideon drove into the compound.
“Now, we can see the necessary green and not just bushes” she said with a sigh.
Gideon smiled where he sat at the driver’s seat. It was his first time of seeing a natural rose garden. The drive to her place had been silent save for her call to her Grandmother. From which he inferred they were pretty close.

“Park the car and come onto the verandah. My grandmother wants to meet you.” Her words broke into his thoughts.

“Ok ma’am.” He did as expected. A few minutes later, he stood before a silver haired petite matron who had a slight resemblance with Omolabake. She sat on the garden chair, knitting what looked like a sweater.
Granny-O, as introduced to him scrutinized him from head to toe. He was embarrassed and he wasn’t even a suitor.
After a while, she smiled and tapped the empty space beside her. “God of wonders. I knew you were coming. Come sit by me. Omolabake get me the iced tea and some cookies in the tray.”
Gideon was taken aback by such effusive welcome.
“Ma?” Omolabake was amused
“You heard me, dear” she continued knitting “The iced tea is in the fridge”

Granny faced him. “You are?

“Gideon Ma.” He didn’t understand the old woman.

Her eyes twinkled. “Mighty Man of Valour.”

Under his breath, he said “I don’t feel that way”
“You said?” She continued knitting.

“I said I don’t feel that way” He said aloud this time.
She smiled “It’s not a feeling. It is a knowing, my son”
They were silent.
Omolabake arrived with a glare as she placed the tray on the Coffee table.
“Stop glaring and be nice. Some have entertained angels without knowing” Granny-O said

Gideon sat at the drivers lounge. The TV played a Lunch hour show that no one watched. Gideon contemplated calling his mother to tell her about his new job but he could not bear the questions that will come. So he opted for a text message

Mama, I got a job at Seoron International, Not my dream job
but pays well enough to deal with some of our worries.
I will call you soon. Love you and regards to Rebecca.

Then he scribbled into his notepad,

Lemme ask you?
We smile or we don’t all the time
And of course we talk together…
Lemme ask you? Would you treat me differently?
If you knew who I was?
Would it matter to you that my father has all the connections you could ever need. Does it change a thing to you that I am not whom you have always thought that I am not just who you think I am… but much that I can even or ever explain.
Will you try to be my friend or just go straight to the point and show that you want something from me? Would it matter to you that you haven’t always been treating me rightly

“Good morning HR” Gideon waved as Morinsola walked into the driver’s lounge
“Hello Gideon… How are you today?
“I’m alright.”
“Settled in fine?”
“Yes ma’am”
“Been one week, right?” She asked
“Yes ma’am”
“How has the job been?”
“Well, it’s been ok.” He shrugged.
“Alright, I was just checking.” She walked towards the office of the Transtport secretary.
“Thanks for your concern.”

“Gideon”, Omolabake said as soon as she came off the phone
“Ma’am” he answered
“Change the direction, why waste a Friday night?” He made no sound. Just his usual way of answering her, with regular hums and huns.
“Where should I drive to?”
“Good question.” She took her phone and dialed
“Demola darling”
Gideon rolled his eyes
“Where are we meeting?”
“Ok sure. Bye, see you soon.”

She ended the call
“Gideon, Club 57, Ikoyi!”
“Yes ma’am.”
Well, technically it was still his office hours because officially he closed 5pm. But this woman worked wonders with his time. And it wasn’t yet 5pm.
“You can leave once you drop me off”
“Alright ma’am.”

Monday morning on her way to work, Omolabake started her chats all over jumping from topic to topic as she skimmed the Guardian newspaper. She tried talking with the guy in her driver’s seat. Was giving her his usual “Hum”, “Hun” or monosyllabic replies

“Stop the car” she screamed.

He looked into the rearview mirror to see what the problem was.
“You heard me, stop the car.”
He parked the Mercedes in a good position.
“Gideon, look at me. Why did you take this job? Did anyone force you to? Answer me?”
“No ma’am”
“Then why are you so rude?” her voice rose a notch higher
“I don’t want to hear your hun, hun hum or the likes. And when I talk to you, answer me.”
Gideon was dumbfounded.
“Do you hear me?”
“Yes, I did.”
“And if you know you are not up to the task, then I wouldn’t be in need of your services anymore. Did I make myself clear?”
“Yes, you did.”
“Good, then we can go on.”

“I have had it. This is too much” Gideon thought as he continued driving. He had learnt this earlier that misbehaving when someone else already did wasn’t a way forward. He just didn’t understand what Father meant by “I need you here”.
This babe is doing just fine handling herself so could it be the company? Or the HR? He couldn’t wait to get to the office and submit his resignation letter.
He started to arrange the words in his head. Maybe working in this company was a mistake to start with.
“As far as I am concerned me, I wouldn’t like to continue this engagement” he thought.
“We are going to the Mainland this morning” she said as she tore open a brown envelope. “I have some papers to sign there at the Ikeja City Mall”

“Yes ma’am.” He groaned inwardly.

“Heaven, I need a shot of longsuffering!”

Watch out for the next episode…

So far, your support has been amazing. Thank you so much friends… Please, comment and share your thoughts! Should he stay on the job? What would you do if you were in his shoes?

By the way, I think Grandmother’s are the very best… They are awesome!




  1. Azeez Olumide

    Only a dose of longsuffering would do at this point. Omolabake has a terrible attitude. Considering she’s close to her granny, she’s the polar opposite. Something tells me granny-o knows something.

  2. Olaide Jamal

    Something about old people… They can be prophetic..They can be ……Hmm
    Gideon, I think you are on track.. I believe you are on track.
    keep to it..
    Every Job has its own challenges.
    You cant because of a shout quit a Job. What will you do if you get a scream?
    if i were you, i will a way to see that grandma again and hear more wise comforting words.
    How will you cheaply see her if you dont drive her grandchild.
    Know you not that God at times uses unpleasant Job as means for us to meet pleasant people.
    Be calm and be wise.
    keep driving.

  3. koya

    Sometimes we get our encouraging words before our discouragement comes… Gideon draw inspiration from God’s words he spoke I need you here be encouraged in that.
    Old people…. Lols
    The worst of situations sometimes brings the best of result.
    I especially enjoy his personal scribbles quite inspiring

  4. Peltai

    One of those times we find it difficult to comprehend why we go through what we are going through but we’re sure certain of a light at the end of the tunnel, just because His presence is with us and He is leading us.

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