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Omolabake Episode 3

Omolabake Episode 3

“Sweetheart, you won’t believe what I had to do today?”
Morinsola recounted details of her day to her husband. She stood by the doorway into the kitchen weaving her hair into two cornrows. It was her favourite routine to avoid shrinking of her natural hair.
“Am all ears” he pursed his lips. He continued to peel the skin off the Paw-paw at the sink.
She narrated the details of her day.
“…the funny thing is that to pay him a driver’s salary will be like underpaying him because he is actually more than qualified to be a driver.”
“Remind me babe… how old is he?”
“About twenty-six or twenty-seven
“Ok, good.” He diced some of the fruit into a lemon bowl. “He is grown man, I presume. He should take care of himself and you, my wife need not become his mother”
She smiled. Her husband was getting jealous, she knew.
He kissed her forehead as he handed her a plate filled with Paw-paw. “Speaking about being a mother” Taking his seat by her side, he said, “What about an adoption?”
Morinsola sighed “Lekan, we have been through this even that is not an option.”
She sighed “I don’t want babies.”
He said nothing, stood up and left the room.
“Me, a driver? Father, this must be a joke…” His plan had been simple, to call back with a “No” without giving it a second thought. But as he sat for his late night meditation, thoughts about the job kept coming back to him. Gideon had laughed to the point of tears when he knew the direction of God over the matter was that he accepted the job offer. He knew things were definitely not going as he planned.

Morning came and as he dressed up, he just couldn’t help but argue with his heart.
“Have I not said, I will not leave you nor forsake you?”
“I remember what you said.” Gideon hissed. Michael turned to him.
Then be still and know that I am Lord.”
He knew what he had to do. Michael also got ready for work, he fastened his belt. “Guy, I know I said you should take whatever… I didn’t mean you should take the position of a driver.” Michael worried that Gideon was being desperate.
“I know dude… I believe I should do this, perhaps an adventure” He tried to lighten the mood.
“Promise me that you will leave if it’s unfavourable”
“Sure thing, Bro”
Michael sighed “Alright then, have a great day”


“I treasure that baby and expect you to do the same. No scratches and unnecessary overtaking. Don’t put her under duress.”
The first thing Gideon noted about the woman before was that she liked to talk. She needed to be in charge, she talked more about her car “the engine is 241-hp. Of course you know it is an all-wheel drive. The transmission is to die for, let me not even go there… on a good day covers 0-60mph in 5.9secs.”
It was supposed to be a lecture. He was bored already.
“Tell me, Gideon?” She said “Why should I trust you with my life? There will be times I sleep off and expect you to be driving and not chatting someone up or something?” She waved her hand in the air.
She’s got an attitude most definitely, he thought
She waited for an answer. She was petite in a good way. Her three inches wedge put her at eye level with him.
“Because I consider this an assignment I must not fail” He said. “Where on earth did that line come from?” he wondered
“Alright then, let’s see how that goes” she smiled and brought her hand forward.
He shook it and let go after a few seconds.
“I am Omolabake”
“You know my name already.” He grinned.
She had brown beautiful eyes. She wore mascara that gave her eyelashes a voluminous look. There was only one dimple on her left cheek. It could have been a mistake but it turned out well. Somehow everything blended with her ebony skin.
“Wake up, Gideon” he told himself
“During the day, you can chill with other drivers at the drivers lounge. But note you have to be at my beck and call. You’re almost as good as my secretary. I work from my car a lot… And it’s your duty to make my work easy. I don’t like potholes… I don’t want to know they exist.”
“Ok ma’am” Gideon nodded.
“You have been given the necessary documents, right” she asked.
“Yes ma’am” he replied
“Okay, good. Take your time to study it and while you are at it… see to it that I don’t have to describe a place to you twice.”
Gideon listened to her absentmindedly. “She couldn’t be a day past more the twenty-five” he pondered “my younger sister would not dare talk to me like this.

‘One reason why I should stay here, Lord?’”
“I need you here”
As what?” He pursued the ongoing conversation in his mind. No answer.
“That will be all for now” she said “We leave after 5pm. She paused; your working hours are 7am till I get home.” She walked away from the red Mercedes-Benz C Class aka Kompressor.
“Excuse me?” he said
“Yes, any problem?” she arched a brow
He opened his mouth, so many questions… He did not know where to start from.
He shook his head, “None for now, sorry”
“Later then” she walked away.

“The guy came back.” Morinsola said
Lekan grunted.
“He got the job”
“I see”
“Haba, are we still on this issue? It’s not fair. You have been giving me two syllables since…”
“I am trying to eat…” her husband said, mixing sauce with his spaghetti.
“Ok dear”
“My mum will be visiting” he said in passing. It sounded more like a warning.
Her forehead greased. His mum didn’t get along too well with her for obvious reasons.
“When?” She asked
Her husband looked up “I am only joking”
She gasped, “Ah, you are in for it.” She stood up but her knees buckled and she fell.
“Babe, are you alright?” Her husband was at her side gathering her into his arms.
“I am fine. I just feel weak” she said “Probably poor blood circulation. I haven’t eaten since morning.”
“I see. And why has my bride not been eating”
“Because her husband has been acting up”
“Oh my baby. For a second, I hoped it was a symptom of pregnancy.”
She opened her mouth to speak.
He put his finger to her lips. “Don’t worry babe, sooner or later, we’d have to speak about this. I will give you time, just remember I love you more than any reason to not love you.”
She smiled and giggled. “Limited edition”
Watch out for Episode 4.

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  1. Olaide Jamal

    Gideon took the Job?
    Wao, I am glad to know… I believe its a twist, but it will turn out great for you… Remember Moses applied first to be a deliverer in the city but he was employed to be trained first in the bush.. He later got his desired Job without stress.. Just Note that..
    Much more, I look forward to your experience..
    I am liking your family already. I enjoy your conversation with your husband.. I like your love life… when I meet a family like this, I am eager to observe and learn.. I look forward to seeing your family desires granted and Joy over flowing in your home..
    Young rich woman.. I am still trying to know your person..
    Thanks Tomi for this episode.
    Great story..
    on to the next

  2. Invictus Collections

    How do we describe our beloved Bro. Gideon?… The CGD (Christian Graduate Driver) of the company!

    God please help us to be patient under your dealings!…
    Unpalatable but FULFILLMENT (glorious end) is CERTAIN.

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