Omolabake Episode 1

Congratulations Gideon, you have been selected to take
Part in the next phase of the screening. You are
Invited to an interview on Friday 12th March at 11am.
Note that you are expected come along with two passport
photographs not older than three months.

“This could be it!” Gideon Onah said under his breath as he read the mail he had received from Soeron International for the umpteenth time. Somehow those four words had become some kind of mantra since the mail arrived on the fourth of March. Coincidentally, his twenty seventh birthday.
The giant clock in the reception struck 11 am. He waited patiently for his name to be called upon. The chair he sat on was cold yet enveloping. He had read the mail like a million times since he received it, a part of him believed since it arrived on his Birthday, the job was his birthday gift. Not the mail, the job.
It was a tough life being in constant search for Job. He swiped the screen of his well

used Techno L5 to the left and opened his daily News app, read the updates. Nothing caught his fancy, well save for the good thrashing Chelsea got from Manchester United the previous night. He looked up as the receptionist’s chirpy voice welcomed a man.
“You are welcome sir. Do have your sit.” She said. She pointed a man in a lemon shirt towards the reception chairs.
She called out “Mr. Gideon Onah” , waited for a reply . Upon sighting him, she said “Please, come forward”
Gideon walked towards the Receptionist’s desk. The Placard on the desk read Chioma. Chioma had on a Brazilian weave with no hair out of place.
She pointed him towards a staircase “You’d walk up the stair and turn right. The conference room is the first by the left. The door is labeled, quite easy to locate”
He smiled “Ok, ma’am.”
Gideon located the room with much ease as the receptionist had described. He took a deep breath just outside the conference room. Straightened his tie and dusted invisible specks of dust off his trousers. He remembered the day of his Passing out of the National Youth Service Corps four years back and he started thinking.
Fours year after NYSC programme, geez…I can write a book on how hard it was to get a job. It has been interviews upon interviews. It’s a wonder how people are able to keep themselves together. It has even become so bad that every time I hear “We’d get back to you” I Know to just keep searching.
If things are so bad, it explains why people snake their way back into NYSC all because of the unpalatable situation of the country. Okay, so maybe it explains it, but it definitely doesn’t justify it. My own story is perhaps a stereotype.”

Gideon hissed, “After the hopes I had in Uncles and Aunties failed, then I began to think, of the possibility that God has something better up His sleeves, so I targeted dailies for job offers. When there was not even an apparent breakthrough, I took the role of a teacher in secondary school at least to make ends meet. Even with the excess workload of taking three subjects of Mathematics, Economics and Physics, I loved being a teacher. Teaching was far away from my desired ambition but I believe it was a way I could help young people reach their potentials. Still I have to reach mine…
Satisfied with his look, He said a quick prayer and knocked the door.


Gideon sat at Dinner with his roommate and friend Michael to eat dinner. Arsenal was pulling stunts over Liverpool. With Liverpool relenting, they seemed to be walking alone homewards.
Michael blessed the food and took a spoon full of Beans and yam. He raised his head up “Why is the yam sweet?”
Gideon rolled his eyes “Because it’s not yam, silly, it is sweet potato”
“Nice, I like it” Michael paused “Who taught you?”
“I overheard a woman in the bus talk about how she got her children to start eating beans by fixing in sweet potatoes”. He shrugged
“Eavesdropper” Michael continued eating. “But wait o, does that mean she has to wait for every potato season before she can feed her children with beans?
“I didn’t remember to ask that” Gideon made a face. “But whatever, my mother didn’t have such allowances for us. She will instantly say, Go and drink garri if you can’t eat whatever I have to offer”
“Forget, Children these days are bosses. They tend to control their parents” Michael quipped in anyway “About the rent The Landlord said he needs his balance as soon as we enter August.”
“Sure thing Mike, God will provide.” Gideon tried to sound calm.
Michael hissed with a pissed look, he asked “Guy I know. How do we give him cash and not prayers?” He answered his question himself,“By giving him cash” he ate from his spoon.
“I was at an interview today” Gideon changed the topic abruptly
“I see. But, you didn’t tell me” Michael made a face at him.
“Well, I didn’t want to get your hopes high.”
“And how did it go?”
“It went well. I am hopeful.”

“You should go home” Morinsola said as she switched on the lights.
Omolabake looked up from her table. “You startled me” Omolabake said. “I didn’t notice you had walked in”
Morinsola smiled and walked towards the window. “Girl, you were so busy with whatever you were typing you didn’t hear me knock” she left the window.
At almost two feet from her, Morinsola cyan dress still had the glow it held in the morning. “You said something?” Omolabake asked her Morinsola her friend of six years.
Morinsola took her sit on the lounge chair close to the window. “It is past six, girl. Office hours ended about an hour ago, you should go home”
“Sure, I’d… after I fill out those forms.” She pointed at a folder adjacent her Laptop device. “And why are you around?”
“I am chilling for the Husband oh…” Her dimples were evident as she rolled her eyes “He said I shouldn’t go home. He made plans”
Omolabake giggled “Awh, so romantic”
“Yes o, let me keep enjoying my honeymoon o” Morinsola sighed.
“I see, Honeymoon after all these years, Remind me, Which supermarket did you purchase your Husband again?”
“He was preordered o, limited edition” Morinsola giggled “Do you think I will be a good mother?
Startled. Omolabake looked up from the form she was filling. “Where is that coming from, Love?”
Her face brightened “Hormones, I guess.”
“They had better be. You are both a worrier and a warrior, so I know you’d be a terrific Mother.”
“Ehen en, this is serious vote of confidence.” Her phone buzzed. “I hope you are really good Omolabake? How’s your beau, Felix? Hope no troubles?” Morinsola had only met Omolabake’s boyfriend twice. First time was in passing. The second time was not long enough for her to decide if she actually liked him.
“No, we are good” Omolabake waved her off
“Alright, I’d be off.” She waved her phone in the air. “My ride is here”
“Ok babe, by the way, you look beautiful.”
“Thanks sis. Let’s find out what husband thinks.”
Omolababke laughed at her friend’s girly traits. Morinsola gave her best as the Head of Human Resources at Soeron. It was more of a gift than a qualification. Everyone at the office made her a friend. Her phone buzzed, signaling an incoming message.
She tapped in her password and opened the message. It was Felix. She read out aloud the content “We are done…”
“What kind of a fool breaks up over text messages” she wondered. “Such a spineless creature. Felix was everything but without the senses. I should be the one breaking up with him and not vice versa.” She hissed “I caught him cheating on me. With that riff raff”
“Have a nice life, moron.” She said out loud as she typed him a reply.
She hit the intercom for her Driver.
“Tell Stanley to come up I am ready to leave.”

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