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In Retrospect: January and Beyond

Hi there!

Somehow, we have counted the first 30 days of the year 2018. Amazing, isn’t it? yet some would say that this time last year we were in March. Lol, funny right… In a moment, we’d be into the month of February, the month of Love (can I get an amen). More than the days we count friends, we must look and ask ourselves if we are making each day count.

If we are making the most of the days i.e. our time!

Well, from my end January was an amazingly long one, several ups and mostly been pushed out of my comfort zone. I had my Final Year Internal defense and was drilled… as in, Questions ehn! And thanks be to God, who made it a success. I managed to take some pictures which you’d find somewhere in this post. I really hope to round some things up with this month so I can move on to other things like Brainchild (watch out for my next post). Another thing I have been trying to do is read books, I’m on the fourth and hope to be through soon. Either way, I have to keep reminding myself it is not a competition so I don’t have to rush but be diligent in observing all I should. I’d like to know what books you have been reading.

This year, I’d love do more on the blog and share my moments with you all. And I’d love to hear from you, as the days go by.

Here is a thought to hang on to this year… It is easy to get bothered as the year goes by how it will be possible to remain in a close walk with God. But here is the thing friend, life is sustained by life. If you were born by the Spirit (which you were if you are a man in Christ), then I tell you that you can only be sustained by life in the same Spirit. Why worry then if you’d fall away by the morrow if your standing today is not by your doing right?

Okay, this year will be a marvelous one with testimonies on every side in Jesus name. Amen.

P.S: There are opportunities around, please don’t miss out on them!

Kindly comment because I really want to hear from you.
To a fulfilled 2018,



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